Friday, September 25, 2009

We Totally Fits In

Hello friends.
Aside from my blogger friends, I have this closest friend where I can say that “we totally fits in” when we were together. We both have he same likes and dislikes- but we have totally different personality. I’m a silent type of person while she’s jolly and totally outspoken friend. We both have funny characters were we- only both of us understands.LOL. We usually made our “own world”- not totally outside of God’s world. We both have the same perspective in life and share the same thoughts about Jesus- I’m glad because she’s starting to open up and accept the word from God (thank God for our Bible studies).

LOL. A snapshot from a mall where we bought our “same Shirts”.

at the dressing room.LOL

We both love and treasure each other- every funny moments and experiences are totally precious. I thank God for giving me such a wonderful friend.

Keep going everyone.


CebuImage said...

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hitesh rawat said...

nice pics.......happy faces....\,,,/


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