Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Movie Watch: Death Note

Well... I just love to watch movies. Here's a Japanese fictional movie film entitled "The Death Note". I think it's one of the fictional movies that I'm really interested with. The characters, the settings, the story and the concept is somewhat extraordinary. Though the set-up of the story does not exist, but I think it's an interesting movie because all the characters are intelligent and mysterious, clever and powerful (role). It can really trigger your brain or to think so "deeply" to conceptualize the plot. It's somewhat exciting, a thrill and creatively made story or movie.

I know you are now curious about it. Well you better watch it- but don't be deceive with there story (of course it's just a movie and the story does not exist at all).

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Girl Blogger said...

I have watched the full of episode of the anime series. ^_^ yeah, this one is so cool! Unique story and ending! wew


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