Thursday, September 17, 2009

Make it a Real One: An Online Photo Effects

Have you ever tried doing some online photoshop?
Actually this makes me ease the quietness of the night. Well here I am- quite bored today. Actually I have a lot of things to do today- to make all my projects and school requirements. You know what’s makes me enjoying the night today? Well I just love do some funny pictures of mine. I just arrived in this site and definitely I do really enjoy doing some editing. It’s an online photo shop that’s why I never do so much effort on it. All I have to do is to download my favorite photos and wait for a second then you can have all the new “makeover” (according to your desired effects) of your pictures. They also have funny effects that are why you can always make your pictures into a funny photos.

Here’s what I’ve got for today.

LOL. I almost kiss the kitten.

I just can’t help but to laugh out loud of all those photos I’ve been doing.
I hope that I have given you some sort of entertainment and a funny yet nice activity today.

Maybe you should also try one of those. Keep going everyone. Have a happy and funny day ahead. God bless.

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