Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Relax and Enjoy Yoga

I went to school today- well quite tired from yesterday’s activity. I had a one day travel at Cagayan de Oro City then we went home to Iligan at 5:30 PM. After we arrived at 5:30 PM we hurriedly went to “Iligan Praise Fiest”- which was organized by all Christian churches here in Iligan. That was really enjoyable- but it seems that all those fun experiences yesterday was embraced with total tiredness and body pain. Cagayan de Oro was so traffic that can cause me so much stress.

Well if you want a total relaxation, then the best and most suitable to have a stress-free day is to try yoga. Check out some of the best Tibetan singing bowls explore also this site who offers Crystal Singing Bowls. If you love yoga, then probably you will long for this new stuff I found here. Silversky offeres different handicrafts and silver singing bowls for you. it is the best marketplace to go if your are looking for quality bowls you used in yoga.
Try out some yoga now and experience the relaxing sound of silver singing bowls- for sure this can make your body relax and have a stress-free day.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Friday, September 25, 2009

We Totally Fits In

Hello friends.
Aside from my blogger friends, I have this closest friend where I can say that “we totally fits in” when we were together. We both have he same likes and dislikes- but we have totally different personality. I’m a silent type of person while she’s jolly and totally outspoken friend. We both have funny characters were we- only both of us understands.LOL. We usually made our “own world”- not totally outside of God’s world. We both have the same perspective in life and share the same thoughts about Jesus- I’m glad because she’s starting to open up and accept the word from God (thank God for our Bible studies).

LOL. A snapshot from a mall where we bought our “same Shirts”.

at the dressing room.LOL

We both love and treasure each other- every funny moments and experiences are totally precious. I thank God for giving me such a wonderful friend.

Keep going everyone.

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Special Gift Card for Me

How do you value holiday cards?

My Birthday is coming. Yahoo! That will be going to be my day- with a lot of gifts and greetings. It sounds so exciting but you know what usually I don’t need to have a lot of gifts. A simple birthday cards can make me smile.
I can always remember the time, when I was in high school, I celebrated my birthday and no one gave me a present until the end of the day my closest friend ( which happen to be my special guy) gave me a card- with greeting on it. That really made me happy.

You see… Special Holiday cards can make people smile. Check out some new holiday cards site online. Create your personal greetings and photo holiday cards. Surely you will have fun in creating your greetings and uploading photos. Enjoy the site and start greeting your loved ones this Christmas.
Keep going everyone.

Sit Back. RElax and Enjoy the Weekend!

I just want to greet everyone a happy and exciting weekend to all of you. I’m so glad and happy because weekend time is my time to relax. I wish you more relaxing weekend for you.
Sit back. Relax! Enjoy the presence of God and enjoy the goodness of life. Have a joyous weekend to you my friend.

Keep going.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Make it a Real One: An Online Photo Effects

Have you ever tried doing some online photoshop?
Actually this makes me ease the quietness of the night. Well here I am- quite bored today. Actually I have a lot of things to do today- to make all my projects and school requirements. You know what’s makes me enjoying the night today? Well I just love do some funny pictures of mine. I just arrived in this site and definitely I do really enjoy doing some editing. It’s an online photo shop that’s why I never do so much effort on it. All I have to do is to download my favorite photos and wait for a second then you can have all the new “makeover” (according to your desired effects) of your pictures. They also have funny effects that are why you can always make your pictures into a funny photos.

Here’s what I’ve got for today.

LOL. I almost kiss the kitten.

I just can’t help but to laugh out loud of all those photos I’ve been doing.
I hope that I have given you some sort of entertainment and a funny yet nice activity today.

Maybe you should also try one of those. Keep going everyone. Have a happy and funny day ahead. God bless.

An Open Book: Journey of a Christian

Title: Journey of A Christian
Date Published: October 17, 1989 (it's my birthdate)
Author: God
*No Copyright Version

Hello it’s the book of my life. Every page on it, every post there is something in it that truly speaks. I just love to express something from me- it’s between me and my inner self. That’s why I’m destined to blog- about myself and everything that is inline with me. My life is an open book now… you can never judge it. I’ll be hurt if you just reject it without reading what’s in it and one thing is so sure… God is the greatest author of my book so-called “Life”.
Keep going everyone.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Experience Success through E-mail Marketing

Hello are you interested in business? Are you tired of inviting people to come into your blog or your site to purchase any product or services? If you want to promote business in easy and fastest way, then you better learn about email marketing.

Have you ever tried email marketing? Email marketing is considered as most effective online marketing tactic. Today people tend to develop new and effective way in reaching out some new customers all around the world. In this way people can reach a multiple and substantial number of e-mail subscribers in with regards to there consent to receive some e-mail and any marketing communications from you. It is an electronic mail so you can greatly reach your customer with a small span of time- power reliable sending. It is really helpful to those who really value success and use there time appropriately and wisely.

There’s no need for us search more about it. Here are some of the quality and reliable site for you to check out if you want to learn about email marketing. You may also try there free trials if you want to get started today. Experience also there online demo and you will learn more on how to use email marketing and more.

I’m wishing you to prosper more in your life. Keep going everyone

Monday, September 14, 2009

1,2, 3, Acceleration: Enhancing Cars and Body Parts

It’s good thing to explore a lot in the internet and browse different sites today. Well it’s going to be good for all those car-lover out there you’ll probably love to explore this post I made for you. Check out this newly found website here and for sure you will be interested in this post.

Mercedes CL63 AMG

Cars are like humans. People today tend to find different accessories and any car body kits to make it more luxurious, exotic and an enhanced model of today’s modern cars. It is simply an expression of art. Reflect your personality on how you enhance and make a difference with regards to your car’s body parts- from its body to its wheels. Check out this new website in the net and experience changes in your car and your lifestyle. It will bring out the best in you. Let your car be the next top car today- and set apart your vehicles away from the crowd and be unique. Express yourself, make your car different from the other and mostly let your car portray your personality and art.

How can you do it? If you need help then it’s time for you to explore on of the best “car-clinic” where they can help you up make up with your car. Make a difference and show it while driving it.

Keep going.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Web Hosting Guide: A Guide to Succcess

My site is improving. I’m glad that from the time I started blogging it’s almost and doing some great statistics and the visitors are always coming in my site. It’s a great choice for me when it comes to choosing the best webhost.

I would like to share this info to you so that you can have the chance to have the great choice in establishing your site. The question is, what is the best site to prefer when we want to look for the best blog directory? When we talk about webhosting, we need to know what the Top 10 web hosting sites today. To make a good start, let’s find the best in the World Wide World… then you will find the answers is just right in a click in your mouse.

I’ve browsed one site here that can give you more info about web hosting and an update of the top 10 hosting sites that reigns according to the feedbacks of there valued customers. It’s a great thing to know that we all have all this resources today that will give us the guide in choosing one of the best sites today.

Now make a good start. Choose your best webhosting site and start gaining success.Keep going everyone.

Weekend Delight: Sleepover+ Movie+Snacks

LOL. I keep enjoying our movie marathon and “sleepovers” every weekend at my grandmother’s house.

Here’s what we got from last week’s sleepover...
Doing some silly stuffs (nevermind the date-it's my cam's un-updated date)

me and my sister...

me and cousin...

snacks... and more.LOL.

We watched movie plus the snacks. I just got some snapshots because this is one of the wonderful moments “worth remembering”. I’m looking forward for more of sleepover and family bonding this weekend.

Keep gong everyone.


What about this day?? Well it’s good to be back in blogging. I know that some of you here missed me a lot. Well it’s time for us to bong again. What about the new updates for today?
I just browsed some fanatic site today and I just arrived from this new entertaining site. I enjoyed browsing some of the resourceful site like AQUARIUM LIGHTING FLORIDA.

Lately this month, my uncle as well as my sister is having fun in adopting some fishes and sea creatures. My 10-year-old younger sister had a small tub and it’s really great to see her having some interest and concern with the animals. She always talks about my uncle’s big aquarium but I refused to have some in our house. It’s really a hassle for its maintenance. They provide some services and available equipments. Yeah they’ve got some new FISH TANK, AQUARIUM LIGHT BULBS, FLORIDA just right for you- fish lovers. Plus they also offer guaranteed supplies for your salt water aquariums and other fish tank supplies. You better checkout this site and learn more from it.

We better start to plan to have my younger sister’s wish- to own an aquarium. It’s gong to be a huge aquarium with a great lighting just like with AQUARIUM LIGHTING FLORIDA .

Keep going everyone. It’s good to be back again.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Christmas is Coming: Be the first to Greet

Yes, I’m glad it’s “ber-month” again. Welcome September and I’m looking forward for December. The month of December is my favorite month- because this is the time we all celebrate Christmas- indeed I do really love Christmas- especially when I received a lot of gifts and Christmas Cards and etc.

Well… if I were you, start sending your love-ones with these customs Christmas cards. It’s available online so you better checkout your favorite designs.

Design a card just right for you and your loved ones because you can also upload your photo in designing your own cards. Have fun and enjoy uploading your photos. Try to be the first to greet and give your beloved a Christmas greetings.

Have fun and enjoy with your card-giving. God bless.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Movie Watch: Death Note

Well... I just love to watch movies. Here's a Japanese fictional movie film entitled "The Death Note". I think it's one of the fictional movies that I'm really interested with. The characters, the settings, the story and the concept is somewhat extraordinary. Though the set-up of the story does not exist, but I think it's an interesting movie because all the characters are intelligent and mysterious, clever and powerful (role). It can really trigger your brain or to think so "deeply" to conceptualize the plot. It's somewhat exciting, a thrill and creatively made story or movie.

I know you are now curious about it. Well you better watch it- but don't be deceive with there story (of course it's just a movie and the story does not exist at all).


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