Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The guy in a Blonde Wig

Who’s that guy in a blonde wig? LOL.
Guess who…

---Now try to guess this hilarious-heartthrob celebrity---

Yes, it's probably your very own Harry Potter- Daniel Radcliffe.

I can’t help, but to laugh out loud after seeing this man in disguise or what… (I guess he feels good about his blonde wig). Hmmm
Harry Potter fanatics… please don’t be mad at me. I never did some spell on him. Maybe ridiculous look make Harry more fun and interesting.


GraceMags said...

is that really really him? gasp! that is ghastly

Ruth said...

I saw the interview he was doing when he did that! The interviewer had him try on a bunch of different wigs and things, it was funny. :-)

He's really cool about going along with the silly things people have him do in these interviews sometimes.


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