Friday, July 17, 2009

A Letter for my Six-year-old-self

If I could have the chance to go back 13 years from now and talk to my “6-year-old-self” then there are so many things I want to tell… a long story to tell... So here's a simple letter for my "young-self".

My beloved LinGz,

Hello, this is a letter from you- 13 years from the future. Please ask mom to read it for you...

I just woke up this morning and found this beautiful site that’s why I’ve remembered you. I know that you are not aware about the internet and computer right? But you will learn about it soon. Anyway, the reason why I write this letter to you because I found beautiful toys from a great Toy store. It is an online toy store so it’s easy for me to purchase it for you. From that site you can find the best toys you ever dreamed to have. I can already picture out your sparkling eyes the moment you see it. I know you are not familiar with “Dora the Explorer” but for sure you will really love there Dora the Explorer Buildable House. I know you really love Mickey Mouse, yeah I can already predict your gladness the moment you see there Mickey’s Club House Toys, Smart Builders Piano (I know you really love piano), King Arthur’s Battle Action toy kit and etc. I hope that at this moment mom will realize how you really longed to have this kind of toys.

I know that you are playing your favorite wooden doll house and paper dolls at this moment… But don’t forget to study hard okay? I hope you can have those toys in the future. I’ll try to buy it for you.

Lovingly yours,

Kids do really love toys. I know for sure that they really longed to have it. Don’t miss the chance to see your children’s smiles and gladness- try to buy those toys for them.
Keep going.


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