Friday, July 17, 2009

Learning While Playing

Can you still remember the time when you asked your mom, why you are in school?
Well, I can.
I remember the time when I cried when mom send me to school with all those strange children- some were crying too. All I wish, at that time, is to go back home. I do really hate school at that time because all I want to do is play for the whole day. It’s so unfortunate to me because I haven’t appreciated the essence of learning at that time. Until now I'm having a hard time in dealing with that kind of mentality in my college life.

Now I’m a college student and I’m taking up educational courses- soon to be a teacher. So I’ve learned about children and different theories in there learning development. I also learned that training up a child to love learning and schooling, while they’re still young, is the best foundation of knowledge. That’s why it is very important for a child to have learning toys at home. These learning toys can nourish a child’s learning at the same time they will enjoy it. It’s like learning while playing. And there are a lot of learning toys online. Truly using these learning toys is a good motivation to build up children’s critical thinking skills and knowledge. How I wish I could have the chance to own it before.LOL.

Parents are the best nurturer of the child’s intelligence so, don’t miss the opportunity to play and learn with your children.

Keep going everyone.

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