Thursday, July 23, 2009

Discover Unique Racial Beauties:Make-up Enhancement

Hey…I’m a Filipino. So what?

I think some of the hottest issue today is all about “racism”. Some of the common topics today are more openly tackled between different races. The issue is that, who reigns between races and who’s not. Who’s the most beautiful among the races… is it the Asian women, the Black women or the Caucasian women and etc.?
Well... actually there no reason to fight because we are all uniquely created by God. We are unique that’s why there are also different types of unique make-ups that will surely suites our personality as well as our race.

So, How to apply makeup?

I’m an Asian women-Filipino- so Asian Makeup suites.

Asian makeup

How to apply makeup | Makeup Video

Black beauties... well, this Black Makeup is just right for you.

Experience the Caucasian make up.

Racism is not worth fighting for. Remember… we are unique in beauty.
There are a lot of available Professional Makeup Techniques DVD Series for you. I also love to have that too. No more racism. It's time to enhance our unique beauty.

You may purchase DVDs at the Aesthetic VideoSource. Contact Robert Andrus, 1-800-414-2434 . It is available online.

It’s time to shine.
Keep going.

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Marky said...

Filipinos look good. That's no question my dear. Thanks for sharing.

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