Thursday, July 16, 2009

Away Form Home? Worry no more.

Me, well we went (together with my cousin and sister) we went into a summer youth camp while my father went to her mother’s house (my grandmother) to the province. He celebrated his birthday there. I felt so guilty because my mom and my younger sister was left and stayed at home. They want to go with my dad but sadly, nobody can look after our house. You know it is not safe if we will leave the house unattended. I hope that I can treat them this semester-break.
The whole family was planning to have a vacation in my grandmother’s province after our class this semester. I will really enjoy our trip with my family, but what about our home? Well, there’s a solution to that. Security home can help you in guarding your home while you are out in a vacation this will serves as your guard. This is a 24-hour monitoring system by a live security monitoring professional. It’s good to have it at home.
Now, we will not worry anymore when we are away from our home. Keep going.

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