Friday, July 31, 2009

Experience Wellness, Experience Life

Do you want to experience goodness and wellness of life?

They say health is wealth. That’s true. Health is one of the things we should take good care of. God wants us to value our life- just like as He did to us. He values us so much that He wants us to prosper- not just financially but physically.

Many people today are rich in money and wealth but they are poor when it comes to health. Don’t let that happen to you. Always take your monthly or weekly checkup. Value your health. Don’t abuse yourself- too much work, stress or over-work, smoke, drink alcohol etc.

Time is one of the barriers why we do not want to go to our physician or doctor. Always spend time for your checkup. Don’t neglect to visit your trusted physician today. Maybe you are looking for alternative medicine physicians today, here’s the best site for you. Just check this out and experience wellness in life.

Find alternative health care medicine. Good exercise and healthy foods will be helpful to you. Experience innovative approach, optimal health, vitality, healing, longevity there’s such one place to go… Whitaker Wellness Institute.

God bless everyone. God loves you so much. He wants you to take care of your health and value your life. Be reminded always. Keep going.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Let's Give Our Home a 100% Security

Thank God I still have time to rest for the whole afternoon. I need to rest from yesterday’s sickness. Yeah, I sleep the whole afternoon but I’m still thankful to God because I was able to relax in the house. My 9-year-old younger sister is not feeling well today- she suffers headache- that’s why we both left in the house. I was worried because I still have class in the evening and I can’t leave the house nobody will look after my younger sister.

It is much convenient in my part and in your part too if you have the Home Security in our houses. Yes… I was fascinated when I browse the internet and see there different products. Well it’s really good. When you want safety at home you better check out there site. They sell home security Digital Wireless and color with Surveillance System for Indoor and Outdoor Night Vision Security Camera and etc. it’s a one-stop shop if you’re looking for a high quality security services for your home or even in your offices and business structure.

Always secure your family’s safety. We have to invest for our home security. With God’s presence He will always shed his light to protect us.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Water Therapy

Water therapy. Well, I'm doing it to ease my sickness. I have cold, fever and cough that's why mom always advice me to take a medicine. Well in fact... "Water Therapy" or drinking a lot of water could be the best way to cure your sickness. Try it today.
Keep going everyone.

How helpful Life Insurance Is?

It’s so sad to know that death can really depart you from your loved ones. It’s my deepest condolence to our neighbor who passed away today. I pray for his family and his soul. I know he is in heaven now.

I know it’s so sad to talk about death. But we should not be afraid about death- because God is with us. Term life insurance maybe the best thing we could do to assure our family’s peace of mind. There is life insurance available online which can give you a better assurance and convenient way to insure your life plus it only cost you a little. If you haven’t insured your life yet… then it is time for you to visit there site. We cannot escape from death all we can do is prepare for it. Give your family and our loved ones a peace of mind. We no longer worry if we die today because life insurance can help you and your family. It’s not bad to think about death. We should accept the fact that all of us face death.

Life is unpredictable. We do not know what happens tomorrow. God is there to help us.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Discover Unique Racial Beauties:Make-up Enhancement

Hey…I’m a Filipino. So what?

I think some of the hottest issue today is all about “racism”. Some of the common topics today are more openly tackled between different races. The issue is that, who reigns between races and who’s not. Who’s the most beautiful among the races… is it the Asian women, the Black women or the Caucasian women and etc.?
Well... actually there no reason to fight because we are all uniquely created by God. We are unique that’s why there are also different types of unique make-ups that will surely suites our personality as well as our race.

So, How to apply makeup?

I’m an Asian women-Filipino- so Asian Makeup suites.

Asian makeup

How to apply makeup | Makeup Video

Black beauties... well, this Black Makeup is just right for you.

Experience the Caucasian make up.

Racism is not worth fighting for. Remember… we are unique in beauty.
There are a lot of available Professional Makeup Techniques DVD Series for you. I also love to have that too. No more racism. It's time to enhance our unique beauty.

You may purchase DVDs at the Aesthetic VideoSource. Contact Robert Andrus, 1-800-414-2434 . It is available online.

It’s time to shine.
Keep going.

Win in the Auction:Are you a Lucky Bidder?

Hello friends. It’s good to chill the whole afternoon. Well… I just keep myself relaxed for an hour because later I’ll study for my tomorrow’s exam. So, it’s time for me to relax and enjoy the whole afternoon. So… what’s the new stuff for today?
Well… I just got into this new entertaining site lately.

When I opened this interesting auction site, yeah it is really entertaining and beneficial. If you feel that you have your luck today… well, it’s time for you to shine. This is an auction game where in you can win fabulous prizes. When I first saw this site, it seems to be so interesting. I cannot imagine you can own auctioned stuff at the most convenient way. Let us say, if you are luck today, why not try your luck and bid for a prize. It motivates me more because all my favorite stuffs like the nintendo wii and Playstation 3 80GB. I really love it. I think this stuff belongs to the luckiest bidder and that’s me.LOL. You may check out there auction site… who knows, you are much luckier that me.

Be inspired with these winners.

Always thank God for ever blessings and opportunities opened to your door.
Keep going my friends.
God bless.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Surprise from Google

Hello here’s another exciting logo from Google. That’s why I always check Google home page everyday… just to check out some new updates. Okay… maybe you can help me to picture it out… can you explain to me what is it all about?
Is it the day where the first man landed in the moon?
Or UFO landed on earth, or its Mr. Moons party? Or they just want to have a star gazing today? Huh?

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Letter for my Six-year-old-self

If I could have the chance to go back 13 years from now and talk to my “6-year-old-self” then there are so many things I want to tell… a long story to tell... So here's a simple letter for my "young-self".

My beloved LinGz,

Hello, this is a letter from you- 13 years from the future. Please ask mom to read it for you...

I just woke up this morning and found this beautiful site that’s why I’ve remembered you. I know that you are not aware about the internet and computer right? But you will learn about it soon. Anyway, the reason why I write this letter to you because I found beautiful toys from a great Toy store. It is an online toy store so it’s easy for me to purchase it for you. From that site you can find the best toys you ever dreamed to have. I can already picture out your sparkling eyes the moment you see it. I know you are not familiar with “Dora the Explorer” but for sure you will really love there Dora the Explorer Buildable House. I know you really love Mickey Mouse, yeah I can already predict your gladness the moment you see there Mickey’s Club House Toys, Smart Builders Piano (I know you really love piano), King Arthur’s Battle Action toy kit and etc. I hope that at this moment mom will realize how you really longed to have this kind of toys.

I know that you are playing your favorite wooden doll house and paper dolls at this moment… But don’t forget to study hard okay? I hope you can have those toys in the future. I’ll try to buy it for you.

Lovingly yours,

Kids do really love toys. I know for sure that they really longed to have it. Don’t miss the chance to see your children’s smiles and gladness- try to buy those toys for them.
Keep going.

Learning While Playing

Can you still remember the time when you asked your mom, why you are in school?
Well, I can.
I remember the time when I cried when mom send me to school with all those strange children- some were crying too. All I wish, at that time, is to go back home. I do really hate school at that time because all I want to do is play for the whole day. It’s so unfortunate to me because I haven’t appreciated the essence of learning at that time. Until now I'm having a hard time in dealing with that kind of mentality in my college life.

Now I’m a college student and I’m taking up educational courses- soon to be a teacher. So I’ve learned about children and different theories in there learning development. I also learned that training up a child to love learning and schooling, while they’re still young, is the best foundation of knowledge. That’s why it is very important for a child to have learning toys at home. These learning toys can nourish a child’s learning at the same time they will enjoy it. It’s like learning while playing. And there are a lot of learning toys online. Truly using these learning toys is a good motivation to build up children’s critical thinking skills and knowledge. How I wish I could have the chance to own it before.LOL.

Parents are the best nurturer of the child’s intelligence so, don’t miss the opportunity to play and learn with your children.

Keep going everyone.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My new DC-833s Digital Camera

Take a look at my new DC-833s Digital Camera. I just bought it yesterday. It’s a great opportunity and privilege to have my own camera. So let's celebrate.

This is the gift I give to myself.
I'm planning to have my amateur photo shooting. Wish me luck.
It’s my passion to blog. So… let’s make it to the highest level… Well, with my new digital camera there will be more captured moments and unforgettable experience to share …

DC-833s Digital Camera
8.0 megapixel CCD
3264 x 2448 pixel resolution (max.)
3x optical zoo, 4x digital zoom
2.5’ TFT color LCD
1G internal memory
SD memory card slot (SDHC compatible)
Videos with sound
I thank God for my new cam. Wish me luck for my first photo shooting.

What about Feminine Hygiene Products?

Mom, I’m a woman now...
I’m a nineteen-year-old woman who is still more dependent to my mother’s opinion and advices. When I was young, my mom always scolded me whenever she caught me applying different brands of facial cream, facial wash and facial cleanser and etc. She always says that as a young girl, I should wash my face with just a soap and water. Yeah that was years ago. But why is it that mom still doing it until now? I know she was worried that it may irritate and damage my skin.

My mom is very much cautious when it comes to our health and physical appearance. That’s why when I try a new Feminine Hygiene Products, I always asked my mom’s approval. There is this good-quality site I found lately that offers different Feminine Hygiene Products that introduces high quality beauty products that will surely suites to our complexion. It is the best place for woman who wishes to enhance there beauty at the same time gives exact health care for our body and skin.Well then... that’s the time that I can have mom's approval with regards to a specific product.

Yeah, I’m very much excited to tell mom about it. I’m pretty sure she will approve to there beauty products.

Keep going everyone. Stay beautiful and blooming always.
God bless.

Tantalizing Screen Saver to Get Over Stress

Hello friends… I would like to share to you this nice screen saver I had in my PC right now. It is a very tantalizing scenery. It is very relaxing in the eyes… It is a horizon where in you can forsee the light. It is the light that waits on you.
It is a picture of hope and goals. Goals that can be achieved with Christ as our light.
It’s almost 3 weeks when I start to use this screen saver. Well it’s good to have this in my computer so that I won’t be over-stress.
It’s a nice view after all.
Keep going everyone. God bless.

Assistance for your Unsecured Personal Loan

Hello friends. Well after our class this morning, I went to the city to buy for my personal needs and actually I run out of budget. Why? Well… I have 100-peso-bill in my wallet and the funny thing is that I buy P 81 worth of merchandise, that’s why I was afraid I don’t have enough money left for my fare. But at least I’ve managed to go home.
How about you, have you experienced to run out of budget. I know this is the toughest situation or problem to resolve. Especially those who have nothing left but all those big accounts of debts in unsecured loans, credit cards etc.
Well, it’s a good thing to know that there are still solutions to that because we will talk about unsecured loans. I’ve seen a woman on TV who used her unsecured personal loanss to start up a business. You know, when we owe some money have the capability to handle and pay for it in an allotted time. That’s why online assistance and dealing with unsecured personal loans is available online so that you can have an extra knowledge with regard to this matter. You will not struggle so much during payday. They will give you assistance and guaranteed services when you want to loan.
In everything you do, always think in a positive way. When you want to loan for something, make sure it will be invested for good.
Keep going. Always make good of everything you do. Always ask for God’s wisdom

Away Form Home? Worry no more.

Me, well we went (together with my cousin and sister) we went into a summer youth camp while my father went to her mother’s house (my grandmother) to the province. He celebrated his birthday there. I felt so guilty because my mom and my younger sister was left and stayed at home. They want to go with my dad but sadly, nobody can look after our house. You know it is not safe if we will leave the house unattended. I hope that I can treat them this semester-break.
The whole family was planning to have a vacation in my grandmother’s province after our class this semester. I will really enjoy our trip with my family, but what about our home? Well, there’s a solution to that. Security home can help you in guarding your home while you are out in a vacation this will serves as your guard. This is a 24-hour monitoring system by a live security monitoring professional. It’s good to have it at home.
Now, we will not worry anymore when we are away from our home. Keep going.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Christ Notes- June 12, '09: Hiding

There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs.
Luke 12:2-3

You cannot hide from God. God knows the thoughts of your mind and heart. God can hear your heart beat. He even knows the meaning of your tears. God cares for you. Don't neglect His words, follow and walk with Him. Be guided and always get the chance to know God. Don't run nor hide... Seek and you will find Him- and you will be change.
God bless.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Special Greeting for Grandma

It's Grandma's Birthday today. Happy 73rd Birthday to my ever dearest Lola Annie. Keep going grandma... May you all have the best wishes and happiness in life. Let's go Party. Smiles..

God bless everyone.

I Suffered Skin Allergy Lately

Hello friends.. I’m not feeling well today. yeah, I don’t want this feelings especially if I feel unease and uncomfortable…

Actually I’m experiencing severe skin allergies in my entire body and I don’t know what kind f allergy is it. I feel so irritated and discomfort. I just wish it will be okay tomorrow. Plus I was forbid not to eat chicken, egg, shrimp and etc. Yeah, I need to get over those temptations.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Needs Help from Debt Consolidators?

Running away from debts? Well you don’t have to be so rude and coward in facing your problems. Sometimes people feel that having too much debt is the end of the world. Paying it is like an endless race- a sacrificial race. Don’t ever end up your life like this. We all know that mostly on TV you can find people committing suicide because of there unpaid debts. Don’t allow it to happen to you. Cry out to God. There are a lot of ways to resolve it by just calling these numbers 877-550-0595. It is the number you call on if you need debt consolidator- it’s much better way for your debt problems.
Now you can take a few steps in regaining your confidence and debt-free-life. Debt consolidators can help you out in dealing with your loan and unpaid credit cards and consolidate it and lower your monthly payments. Debt settlements will e much easier if you want yourself for a debt consolidation. Monthly payments for you credit cards and loans will never be a burden to you anymore.
Consolidation of credits can be a time-saver and money. Just check some of there featured services in there site. I just hope that in that simple way I could have helped you up.
Above everything… always pray to God. Keep going. God bless.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Fixing Your FTA Receiver?

Are you a TV addict? Well, I am.
I always watch different TV shows every day from the morning until midnight. That’s one of the reasons why I always sleep late at night.
Watching TV is somewhat a part of my daily routine. But there are some problems that I encountered when I watch TV. Number one problem is that sometimes there is a low reception in some of the channels and second no interesting TV programs. We all know that it is much better if we have FTA receiver.
But what if the FTA receiver and the channels are down? How can you fix it?
Well, it’s good if we are using FTA Receiver or Dongle Satellite TV-that’s the time you can find a variety of channels to choose from. But problems like this need some extra help from the expert and knowledge in resolving it. Now, let N2News tell you how to resolve it.
If you encountered problems like this, let N2News help you. They offers FTA downloads, keys, software, and online technical support in getting your Free to air satellite TV up running and get connected with your favorite shows. If you are site member, you can ask for help on how to set up on how to install it.
Keep going everyone.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Promising Super Stars

Have a happy Sunday everyone.
I enjoyed watching Sharon. I always watched this show every Sunday- and it is truly an entertainment.
The guests were all fabulous. I love the episode today.
When I saw Makisig Morales and John Manalo, one of the guests, I saw promising leading men in there generation. This promising your actor will surely be a big super star in the future. I’ve already seen there acting and the good looks (on how they register in the camera) and I believe that they can do lead-roles. I’ve also seen them working together in a movie (Caregiver) with the “Mega Star” Sharon Cuneta and it is really incredible seeing those young little boys grow (in the way they act). I just wish that this two little boys will do the lead role as one of the best leading man in there generation someday.

Keep going everyone.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Solutions for a Sink that Stinks

Well, we had a little argument this morning with my big sister because of our stinky sinks. We have not yet washed the plates from last night’s dinner. It is somewhat a tiresome to do especially when our sink are in trouble. It really needs a total repair from professionals. Plumber my dad always does the plumbing over and over again that’s why we cannot guarantee its quality. My dad really wants to fix everything before he leaves the house and it’s somewhat a great thing to know about dad. But actually our sink really needs a professional plumber. In the mean time our sink was okay but we cannot really assure if it will last forever.

Sinks, like what we had at home, really needs a professional care. It needs a professional repair from professionals. It’s good to know that in the US there are a lot of professional plumbers that can really help you up. Chicago Plumber and Dallas Plumber are one of those who offer great and high quality services to the people. I just wish that we could have t here in the Philippines- professional plumbers.
Keep going everyone. I’m wishing for happy and enjoyable day to us. God bless.

Nobody but You- Hilarious Video

If you want to be entertain then watch this movie. All through out the video, you will laugh out loud.

The song is entitled "Nobody but You".

It is a nice song plus its funny music video.
It’s totally hilarious. Please watch. Keep going everyone.
God bless.

A Doctor for your Computer

Hi friends... I’ve been surfing some new stuff and beautiful site that I could possibly “blog-post” for you but I think I’m having hard time because of my slow server and errors in my computer. I think that my computer is ill again.
This time I found some interesting stuff for you and for me. Macintosh support offers online stores that will give you everything you need for repair services, mac parts, ibook repair or even upgrading your computers. Power medic can give you all you needed…
Computer can help you in everything you do that’s why it deserves some care from a professional computer medic.
Keep going everyone.

I'm Part of the "Facebook" World

Hello friends. I’ve been doing some new stuff today. I was quite busy in exploring my “Facebook” account.LOL. I was interested with it when my friends are enjoying it lately. Our teacher had an account too. You know I want to explore other stuff aside from my friendster account. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions or any fun stuff from “Facebook” because I honestly I was a little bit lost right now- I don’t know what to do next after I mad my account.LOL.
Keep going. Please ADD me. Keep going.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Treat Yourself: Relax with the New Furniture

Hello everyone. It’s too hot here. I don’t know but it seems that our house is keeps hotter every noon time. The best solution for this problem is to repaint the whole house with white. How I wish that we could have the chance to re-paint our house this month. And with this new look of our house; it is a perfect match is the new Contemporary Furniture. There are different colors to choose from and surely you will have the best ambiance for a 100% relaxation. It has a soft and elegant look of sofa bed that is surely perfect for us who wants to relax after working.
Try to check this site. This time, if you are planning to have some new furniture, you can visit and purchase one of it online. Maybe we can have the new furniture this month. With this new furniture my day in our house will always be an interesting and relaxing for me.
Keep going everyone.


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