Monday, June 15, 2009

Winter Trend and Style

Philippines have only two seasons, the dry season and the wet season (rainy). That’s may be the reason why I always longed to experience different kinds of season from the different places. In my life I always dream to go and travel in the world. I want to see the blooming of flowers (spring), falling of leaves, snow coming from the sky (winter). Every time I watch different movie from other country, I’m always curious on how the snow looks like.

Usually, I always watch Korean TV show here in the Philippines and I can see that most of the scenes are in winter season. I love seeing the characters wearing different kinds of winter clothes. I just realized that winter clothes and its different accessories have different styles and fashion. I love to wear that too. I wonder how I look like in that winter clothes. I never thought that there are a lot chic winter clothes. Before, I thought that it is just an ordinary clothes. You can also add up some accessories and winter hats.

Stylehive truly provides fashion and style for this kind of season. From the product that they are selling, from its winter coat to winter hats and scarf, it's totally a trend of fashion. I'm just amazed on how they give life and style on it.
How I wish that I could wear those kinds of clothes someday- if ever I had the chance to travel from different places.
Keep going. God bless

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