Monday, June 15, 2009

Revitalizing Aura through Cosmetics

From the time I reached college I never wear makeup or even put some different cosmetics in my face. I’m not used to it. From the time I reached my fourth year- at this point of time- I learned to revitalize myself. I always find something that will make my complexion and aura younger. Though I’m still at the age of 19 but I don’t feel good about my skin complexion. I had a lot of black heads in my forehead and black eye bags, newly grown pimples and stressful face. I just want rejuvenate my self through applying some cosmetics. My mom is helping me in finding the best cosmetics and beauty secrets that will surely suites for me. I don’t know why, but deep in me I always feel fear every time I started or try a new product. Maybe because I’m not sure on it’s effect on me.
Revitalizing cosmetic from stylehive

So, how will you know that this is the right cosmetics to use?
Me, as college student, I have to wear light makeup. We should make sure the labels and content of cosmetics we were using. In the net, in stylehive, they offer eve organic cosmetics that are not harmful on your skin. It is the perfect site to check out some new cosmetics that will surely revitalize your aura.
Stay beautiful. Keep going.

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