Friday, June 12, 2009

A Purse for my Touch-up

It’s my first day of school, am I ready?
Well, let’s talk about my daily use stuff.
First, prepare for school notebook, pen and etc. Second, write your daily schedule. Third, prepare your outfit for the day- your clothes to be exact. Then, arrange your school bag. It’s much better to have your own purse inside your bag. This will be used for your touch-ups (make up, hair spray, make-up, lip balm and cell phone). If ever you have one make it the stylish way. Go for a pink one purse to make it more trendy and stylish. There are many colors, style and shape to choose from.
I do really love this stylish purse from the net. It’s not only limited for daily use, but I can foresee myself using this stuff on my JS prom. Yeah, I’m senior student this coming year. So I’m looking forward for our JS prom. Yeah, I love to have it as one of my stuff. It will really match-up in every outfit I wear.
Always remember, whatever events in your life, always make good of everything. We cannot deny that girls really love to bring out the best of them especially in a special moment of there life.
Keep going everyone.

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