Sunday, June 07, 2009

Online Games Available

Can you still remember the last time when you played the online games? Maybe you’ll say that it’s an hour ago.LOL. Mostly young people today are prone to computer games. But honestly, when you’ll ask me when was the last time I played computer games was a few years ago. Yeah never played computer games. Before mom forbid us to play. Now, that we are fully grown up, we can always play whenever I want as long us we know our limitations- maily time limits.
So, after we went to church we stayed at home and celebrated my younger sister’s birthday. We buy some foods to eat and then bond with each other. Usually me and my sister’s bond together when we play the same game- playing what ever we want. For today’s fun we played different kinds of online games. We enjoyed the site that programs different miniclip games. In that time we played Super Mario. Yes, I usually played that game since I was young- until now I always love playing that game. We also played tower defence. A new game for me yet I still enjoyed playing. I just thank God for every blessings and happy moments.
Keep going.

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