Monday, June 15, 2009

The New Philippines- A Campaign for 2010 Election

I just found this banner from one of the yahoo site. From looking on it, there is something in my heart that shouts I am a Filipino. I have to make something to make a change for our country and to bring hope to our youth… to bring back good governance… and honest leaders. It’s time to stand up and speak. We can only do this through our votes. This upcoming election, blogger unite- to write about the truth and extend the righteous hand. There are people who are still blind folded and do not know the real power of there votes. I know that every individual has its own power. And it is time to realize and know how to use that authority.
I’m complaining- not for any candidate- but for a pure and democratic way of elections. Don’t allow money will govern you votes. Bloggers have the responsibilities over it. They should spread the campaign for the “New Hope” election. If you are a blogger and a pure Filipino, then it is time for me to pass it on to you.

Months will promote. We still have time for a long campaign for the new 2010.
The 2010 Election is the start in building up new leaders... new generation... new governance and new HOPE.
Let’s build up a new year of hope, wealth, abundance and peace.Vote and participate.


Jan said...

Hi. The banner you found can be found on this link. You could join us and display the banner on your site.

I'm displaying mine on

Badong said...

we should all be responsible this coming election because for one thing, we are all responsible for the fate of our beloved country.

optimistic dora said...

wow, i luv this campaign! gowh bloggers, shout for change!


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