Saturday, June 06, 2009

Lose My Soul

“I don’t want to gain the whole world and lose my soul…” it is a very inspirational thought for me. I find this thought from the lyrics of the song entitled “Lose my Soul”. Many people today longed for the riches and self-satisfaction in the world and trade there soul.

It's so sad because many youth today are lost in all the riches and the earthly doings. It is the sad thing to know that the youth are involved in alcohol and drug addiction. In the society that we were living, drug addiction and alcoholism is considered as a trend of every youth or any individual. It’s a sad thing to know that there are lives that have been ruined by this addiction. But through all this, there can always be a help for them. There is still hope to those who believe. And there are still freedoms to those who are captives of the enemy. Let’s stretch out our helping hand. Don’t ever lose someone you loved because of ignoring what hey are doing. God had chosen us to be the light of the world and share the goodness of God.

Specifically, drug addiction is the common and the worst thing that a man can do. It will loosen your mind, emotion and most especially you will loose your soul. God gave us the wisdom to know what is wrong or right. If you know all this things, and you still have unsaved loved ones, then you still have the chance to rescue them. Addiction treatment can be a help. Don’t lose hope to them. There are a lot of drug addiction treatment center that is much helpful to an individual. They will make you feel counseled and let you heal your addiction. It is always open for everyone who wants to be healed from addiction. Drug addiction is a sin, but through drug rehab center and God’s help, you can be victorious and win against addiction.

God bless.

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