Friday, June 05, 2009

A Girl Who Wishes to have a Birthday Party

This is my younger sister Malot. This cute little girl will turn 10 this coming Sunday (June 7) and she wishes to have a birthday party for her. Everyday, she keeps on reminding me about her birthday. But I'm sad because I'm not really sure if I could give her a party.

I just finished my enrollment and my tuition fee is very expensive. We run out of budget this month. Mom told me that she will not have a party this year, but in my heart I wish to grant my little sister’s wish. Surely, she will really cry if she'll know this. I know that birthdays are very important for a child like her. It means a lot to them. It gives them joy every time they think of it.

I know that God will provide. In any ways, He can always work for it. As her big sister, I always longed to make my sister happy in celebrating her birthday. I always want to celebrate and remember that day because in that day, God had given us a little angel.
I just pray that God will grant my little sister’s wish.
God bless everyone.

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