Friday, June 12, 2009

Choose Your Style This Rainy Season

Good day to everyone. Well, it’s been a long time since the summer had started. But unfortunately, summer time was totally over. It’s rainy season. I can already feel the coldness of the wind and semi-rainfall. Every afternoon and every night, it always rain.
Though rainy season is good for our country and for us, but sometimes rain can ruin our outfits for the day. Usually, I don’t have the right outfit during rainy season. When it rains very hard, I usually have a few jackets to use for the whole season. Usually, during this season you can’t stand wearing sleeveless outfit and T-shirt. So how can we prepare for this season?
Wearing trendy jackets can help.

We should wear jacket according to your style. Yeah we can. Though rainy season requires us to wear jacket all the time, but we can wear it the way we love it. Before, I don’t really like to wear jacket when I go to school, but then when I learned that there are different ways in wearing jackets- in stylish way. When I found different kind of fabulous jacket in the net, I learned to love rainy season.
Be stylish and look good in every season.
Keep going everyone. Have a beautiful rainy season. God bless.

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