Monday, June 15, 2009

Building up Confidence and Self-Esteem

Hello everyone. It’s good to be in school again. I am now a senior student in college. I’m so thankful that I come up and reach this stage. As a senior student, there are greater responsibilities that I should possess. I have to go to school well prepared this time. Since I’m in a fourth year in college, this will also start our in-term in my practice teaching. We will be deploy in different schools and start teaching students and experience the true nature of teaching.

So how can I prepare for it? Maybe I’ll start building up my self-esteem. I’ll make sure that I have to look good and appealing in front of my students. Maybe a light make-up would help. In choosing the best makeup, well, I don’t have to wander and stroll around the mall- it is right in the net. Well, for sure available and high quality makeup is surely a great collectable beauty kit for me. There are available stuff in there- beauty kit and touch-ups.

Yes, I’ll make sure that I’m prepared when I start in practice teaching. I’ll make my school to be cool with this new set of make-up and newly build up self-esteem.
Keep going everyone

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