Saturday, June 27, 2009

Digital Camera: Anyone?

Next month I’m planning to buy my own digital camera. But I’m not yet sure what type of camera suits my personality. I don’t know what quality it can offer to make a better post in blogging.
You know one of the best partners for bloggers are digital cameras. So I’m quite nervous and excited for my newly launched camera. I hope that God will allow me to have my own Digital Camera. I hope I can choose from the following featured digicam:
Japan’s hello jetty digital camera (left)
The new FinePix F200EXR model(right)

Casio Exilim EX-Z8 digital camera (left)
Genius G-Shot D5175 digital camera (right)

Which one do you like? Well, for us who wishes to have all this... let's begin researching it's quality. This post is just a catalogue post. I cannot provide so much with the information. Well then wish we could find the best one for us.
Keep going. God bless.

Looking for Ways to Eliminate Debt?

Happy weekend everyone. I was currently watching a Filipino movie today and it’s quite sad to watch some hard-drama series. It deals more on discrimination- between the poor and rich. Families are quarreling because of money. Come to think of it, there are true to life situation that happens to every people not just here in the Philippines but through out the world.
And what are there possible solutions to this? Some commits suicide and others run-away from there debts and live a miserable life.
Why suffer with these high interest loans and consequences when you can get over it. First, seek for help. There are some agencies that offer debt consolidations.

Second, you can always sets-up a household budget. Maybe you need savings bonds to guide you. Budgeting is one way of spending your money wisely. Think wisely before purchasing something. Ask this question to you “Is it necessary to have it?” If not, then no reason to spend your money with that thing.

Third, when you have your own company or if you are s stock holder, then you must learn some facts about dividends. It is another way of gaining a profit from the company you’ve been working with.
There are a lot of ways to eliminate your burdens with regards to debts. So I hope it will help you.

Above everything, God can help you. Always hold on, there is always hope for us.
Keep going.

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Need for a new Stuff

We cannot deny that we all love new stuff- especially on the clothes. I’m looking for the new clothes out there. But I cannot find some time to buy some new T-shirt. These school days, I’ve experienced to run-out of clothes- we don’t wear uniforms.

Maybe if you can suggest some new designs or any trend today…
You can also comment me or introduce me some new fashionable clothes or designer’s clothes. I’d love also to wear “fashion-statement” T-shirt. It will be good if is a Christian design and statement.

Keep going everyone.
God bless.

Michael Jackson says Goodbye

Hello everyone. How was your day? Well I was shocked with the news today.
Breaking news and headlines today showcases Michael Jackson’s death. At the age of 50, the king of pop- Michael Jackson had signed off. Well I’m not really a big fan of this pop icon but I was affected and curious…
Did Michael Jackson live a happy life? Is he satisfied with his life? Did he know God before he die?
Then if not, that’s the saddest thing about it. We just hope and pray that he had done all those things before he left.
God knows…
God bless everyone. Keep going.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Get Connected with Online Games

Are you worn-out after the long hours in the office or at school?
Do you feel weary with all the deadlines and intimidating exams?
Relax. Free yourself from too much pressure. You can always find some entertainment at home. Just give yourself a break. You can always access with the different online games at home. You can play and get in to the world of war craft. Availing world of warcraft game card is easy and accessible. It’s guaranteed safe for your account.
Wow game card are made just right for you. So what are you waiting for, play now and let’s enjoy the world of entertainment. Buy wow game card is a 60-day prepared game card so you have all the fun and excitement through out the month.
Keep going everyone. Enjoy your weekend. God bless.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Do you have problems with Gifts?

 Last week, during my best friend’s birthday, I had a funny and memorable experience in finding the best gift for her. The day before her birthday, we usually bond with each other everyday, so I cannot find time to find some gifs for her birthday in the coming day. What I did was, after the last period of our class at the evening- that’s the time we set apart from each other, I hurriedly went to the city and buy some gift for her. That was almost nine o’clock in the evening. Without any hesitations or choosing the best gift for her, I hurriedly pick the cheapest one. The booth offers a free gift wrap- at that moment when I was in a hurry- I forgot to remove the tag price and then I went home. The next morning, when I handed my gift to my best friend, later on I realized about the tag prize.LOL. I hope that she will not pay attention with regards with the tag price.   

Why do you suffer in choosing the best gift in the city or in the mall when you can do this at home? Huh, you might be curious about this. You can purchase any affordable gift items online. They offer gifts according to its occasion, whether it is an anniversary gift or wedding gifts. When you wish to be creative, then designers’ gift can give you what you desire. They made creative wedding baskets- for weddings (I know it’s June so there are a lot of wedding occasions to attend). If you’re looking for wedding favors then… you can have it all.
So when you’re looking for the best gift and shop for more interesting gift (without hassle and waste of time), then you can shop online.
Keep going everyone. God bless.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Music Store Online

Hello friends. I found some stuff here in the net. When I was browsing, I find some interesting site. Royalty free music is the best place when you are looking for a music store that offers high quality music. Royalty free tracks. Royalty free music offers high quality reason drum kits for drummers.

Keep the music in our heart.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Daily Verse- June 18, '09: The Second Coming

"Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come. But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into. So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him."
Matthew 24:42-44

Behold, our Lord Jesus Christ will come back again soon. Be prepare for the second coming of our Lord. God loves you so mch that He doesnt want you to be "left behind". Save soul while you can... follow God and wait patienly. You'll never know God will come back again after you are reading this post. God sees your heart.
Are you ready?
(Read all of Matthew 24)
New International Version

Available Office Space like New York Executive Suites

During the time that my sister had to find possible job he could apply, I learned a lot of things. I leaned that earning some income is not that easy as I expected before. Sometimes, it’s hard to face the fact that we are facing economic crisis. We say that building up a business is one of the possible options to make a good earning. Well, there are some possible consequences in starting up a business.
Surfing the net can really gives you extra information about the jobs and any information about businesses. New York Executive Suites s one of the possible option you could choose to maintain your business- especially when you just newly started. They provide some well furnished and a convenient office space and facilities. I just loved the idea in giving the chance for other business to operate without worrying in locating there offices and building maintenance.
It’s good to know that there are easier way to start a business. Location and any finding possible and suitable offices is not a problem anymore.
To be prosperous, in some point, I learned that it needs hard work and perseverance to achieve what you want in life.
Keep going everyone. And have a blessed day to you.

Business and Opportunity Seeking

I am supposed to update my blog this afternoon but my sister was busy using our computer. She was busy finding some job or any opportunities that she can find in the net. My sister is a fresh graduate from college and she feels uncertainty about the plans and path she should go. She already feels the pressure in finding job today.

I know finding job opportunities or business, now a day, is hard to find. It’s good to know that there are computers and online directories. That’s why I’ll share to you about California Business Search. We (me and my sister) find this site interesting and helpful to her. It is like a business directories. This is the easiest way in connecting people who are in businesses and to the customers who seek for a quality business. In this way, we can find and build the relationship between customers and any of the neighboring community- based upon the listed city. It is also helpful to those who started for a business to gain more customers and available goods.

Today, we need hard work and perseverance to learn and find new things. We have to be more practical and seek for greater opportunity. In life, we have to learn to trust God and seek for opportunities in the net.
Keep going everyone.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Betchai

Betchai's Birthday

Well... Well... It's her Birthday tomorrow.This is one of my closest friend ever.LOL. I just wish for a lot of birthday surprises from her. She should. Want to eat a yummy cake. Well let's see.
A special friend like her deserves some special space and funny post from me. Happy birthday to her.
Keep going everyone.

K Alliance now offers Pro Tech Diagnostics

It’s school time. I know that my busy day had already started. Well, it’s quite tricky while going home from school. Yes, the streets were all dark because of brown out and it’s raining outside. When I arrived in the house, I fetch all my stuff that was wet from the rain. Then, I waited for a minute and rest. I just lay down in my bed when the lights suddenly on. Then I hurriedly sit back at my computer and hurriedly turn it on. Wow, I was so glad that the current was back. It’s time for blogging.
I was a little bit worried when my sister scolded me. What I did was totally ruining our computer. I should suppose to wait for a few minutes before using it. Good if we have a computer electrician that can fix it all whenever I need it. It is very advantage for me if I studied k alliance.
K alliance is a training curriculum which is available online. They offer various online training videos for IT personnel, PC repair professionals, computer technicians and etc. K alliance offers some opportunities for us to learn. Through Pro Tech Diagnostic, it will allow any individual to repair there own computer- it offers PC Diagnostics and Data Recovery software training. You can successfully trouble shoot your computer.
I’ll be careful and practice some ways in managing and maintaining our computer’s condition.
Keep going and God bless.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The New Philippines- A Campaign for 2010 Election

I just found this banner from one of the yahoo site. From looking on it, there is something in my heart that shouts I am a Filipino. I have to make something to make a change for our country and to bring hope to our youth… to bring back good governance… and honest leaders. It’s time to stand up and speak. We can only do this through our votes. This upcoming election, blogger unite- to write about the truth and extend the righteous hand. There are people who are still blind folded and do not know the real power of there votes. I know that every individual has its own power. And it is time to realize and know how to use that authority.
I’m complaining- not for any candidate- but for a pure and democratic way of elections. Don’t allow money will govern you votes. Bloggers have the responsibilities over it. They should spread the campaign for the “New Hope” election. If you are a blogger and a pure Filipino, then it is time for me to pass it on to you.

Months will promote. We still have time for a long campaign for the new 2010.
The 2010 Election is the start in building up new leaders... new generation... new governance and new HOPE.
Let’s build up a new year of hope, wealth, abundance and peace.Vote and participate.

Revitalizing Aura through Cosmetics

From the time I reached college I never wear makeup or even put some different cosmetics in my face. I’m not used to it. From the time I reached my fourth year- at this point of time- I learned to revitalize myself. I always find something that will make my complexion and aura younger. Though I’m still at the age of 19 but I don’t feel good about my skin complexion. I had a lot of black heads in my forehead and black eye bags, newly grown pimples and stressful face. I just want rejuvenate my self through applying some cosmetics. My mom is helping me in finding the best cosmetics and beauty secrets that will surely suites for me. I don’t know why, but deep in me I always feel fear every time I started or try a new product. Maybe because I’m not sure on it’s effect on me.
Revitalizing cosmetic from stylehive

So, how will you know that this is the right cosmetics to use?
Me, as college student, I have to wear light makeup. We should make sure the labels and content of cosmetics we were using. In the net, in stylehive, they offer eve organic cosmetics that are not harmful on your skin. It is the perfect site to check out some new cosmetics that will surely revitalize your aura.
Stay beautiful. Keep going.

How do I Look?

Hello I just got some new photos wearing some mascara and eyeshadow in my eyes. I don’t usually wear make-up or even mascara because its just a waste of money and time but at this point, I was just bored so I make some fun in myself.
How d I look?
Keep going everyone.

Winter Trend and Style

Philippines have only two seasons, the dry season and the wet season (rainy). That’s may be the reason why I always longed to experience different kinds of season from the different places. In my life I always dream to go and travel in the world. I want to see the blooming of flowers (spring), falling of leaves, snow coming from the sky (winter). Every time I watch different movie from other country, I’m always curious on how the snow looks like.

Usually, I always watch Korean TV show here in the Philippines and I can see that most of the scenes are in winter season. I love seeing the characters wearing different kinds of winter clothes. I just realized that winter clothes and its different accessories have different styles and fashion. I love to wear that too. I wonder how I look like in that winter clothes. I never thought that there are a lot chic winter clothes. Before, I thought that it is just an ordinary clothes. You can also add up some accessories and winter hats.

Stylehive truly provides fashion and style for this kind of season. From the product that they are selling, from its winter coat to winter hats and scarf, it's totally a trend of fashion. I'm just amazed on how they give life and style on it.
How I wish that I could wear those kinds of clothes someday- if ever I had the chance to travel from different places.
Keep going. God bless

Experience New Neon Watches to Brighten Your Day

The best thing you could do in life is valuing the things you have and doing the things you supposed to do.
Everyday, always keep in mind that “Time is Gold”.
That’s the reason why I always have my wrist watch. Well, in school or anywhere I go, I always wear my watch. I have three colorful wrist watches with me. I’m always conscious regarding with the time as well as wearing colorful watches. I’m always interested in finding different kinds of designs. I’m more meticulous in choosing from the simple the simple design to the unique one. If ever they’ll ask me what will be the possible gifts that I will surely love to have, that may be watches. If you’re planning to give me one… then thank you in adavance.LOL.
If you wish to give beautiful and high-quality watches, then there is only one site to visit. Only in is the best place to go. There are a lot of colorful and stylish watches to choose from. I swear wearing neon color watches is surely a new chic of fashion. It keeps me reminding in my youthful days- by just giving glow and color and brightening your day.

I know I’m not the only one who yearns for these colorful watches. I know you too… LOL.
Keep going and God bless everyone.

Project Natal for XBOX 360

Hello friends. Check this out. This is the latest Project Natal for XBOX 360. It is the newly invented technology that gives the true replica of people- with emotions and actions. I was really fascinated with this new video I found from you tube. It really proves that technology, now a day, are revolving and innovating. The gift of technology really gives you a a full entertainment.
God bless and experience God’s blessings of everything we have today.
Keep going everyone.

Building up Confidence and Self-Esteem

Hello everyone. It’s good to be in school again. I am now a senior student in college. I’m so thankful that I come up and reach this stage. As a senior student, there are greater responsibilities that I should possess. I have to go to school well prepared this time. Since I’m in a fourth year in college, this will also start our in-term in my practice teaching. We will be deploy in different schools and start teaching students and experience the true nature of teaching.

So how can I prepare for it? Maybe I’ll start building up my self-esteem. I’ll make sure that I have to look good and appealing in front of my students. Maybe a light make-up would help. In choosing the best makeup, well, I don’t have to wander and stroll around the mall- it is right in the net. Well, for sure available and high quality makeup is surely a great collectable beauty kit for me. There are available stuff in there- beauty kit and touch-ups.

Yes, I’ll make sure that I’m prepared when I start in practice teaching. I’ll make my school to be cool with this new set of make-up and newly build up self-esteem.
Keep going everyone

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Honoring Papa

Happy Fathers Day to all the deserving fathers in the World.

Well there are a lot of fathers in the world (biologically) but not all who are (emotionally) a full-time father. Some fathers leave there children unattended, they just leave there children in an orphanage and some denies there children. To be a father is a never ending profession. It should be done by heart and by actions. Our father is the one who was there who works hard to supply the needs of the family. That’s why I’m very proud to my dad because he deserves to be called a “full-time professional father”. LOL.

This Father’s Day let’s give honor and credit to there full time profession and there willingness to work as a responsible father without expecting anything in return. Let’s spend some time and money just to give honor to our father. Giving a special gift- symbolizes admiration and salute- them will be something special and memorable for them. I know it’s hard to find gift that suits for dad. That is why I’ll give you a perfect site that will help you to choose the best GIFT for daddy.

Papa, Daddy, Father, Pang, Oppa, Dad… whatever you call him… For them, it is the most wonderful name they could ever have.

God bless friend. Keep going.

Back to School

Hello... this is Lingz and I'll be spending the half of my day at school. Wish me luck for tomorrows classes.
Keep going. God bless.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Choosing Your Own Style

Well, how was your day?
I was planning to hang out today. I want to go out and shop. The last time we went out with my cousins in the mall, I was a little bit anxious in choosing the perfect sandal for me. Actually we went together to eat some lunch. After that, I asked them to accompany me in choosing my desired sandals. I was a little bit ashamed because we stroll out all stores in the mall just to find my desired sandal.

I actually want to have a sandal in which it looks good whatever and wherever I go. I do really want to make some adjustments. Because usually when I go to school, I usually wear rubber shoes. That’s why, this coming school year I want to make some change about myself and style.

I got some new and fashionable design from the net. I know you all love the style. I was very attracted in it. I just hope that this post will help you choose the desired sandal you want. So, you will not experience the way I did when I shop. You will never feel anxious and unease when you choose your desired stuff because it is available online. You don’t need to go outside and let others accompany you.LOL.
The nest time I have to buy something, maybe I’ll try to shop it online.
God bless.

Sticking with Fashionable Heels

Hello everyone. Let’s talk about fashion.
Well, I was browsing the net this morning just to check out some new stuff. Actually, I’m looking for a nice heels. Tomorrow will be Sunday and we will go to church and I need to change my sandal. It is not in style and it doesn’t look god enough. I’ve been using this for three years and I think it’s time for a replacement. I want to surf the net- just to check out the new style and trend today. And I’m not disappointed because it really looks great. It has the style and the looks.

With this new stick heels and beaded sandals, I’m looking forward to own this kind of beautiful heels. Since there are lot of celebrations and parties this month it would be perfect for my outfit. Heels also state your personality- it is on how you handle it and use it.
You know girls like me really love heels. I believe, we have to choose the right one, because we have to be comfortable and fashionable anytime. Fashionable heels can take you anywhere. Always make good of yourself. As long as you don’t hurt anyone, just live your life with joy and fulfillment.
May you have a bless morning. God bless always.

Choose Your Style This Rainy Season

Good day to everyone. Well, it’s been a long time since the summer had started. But unfortunately, summer time was totally over. It’s rainy season. I can already feel the coldness of the wind and semi-rainfall. Every afternoon and every night, it always rain.
Though rainy season is good for our country and for us, but sometimes rain can ruin our outfits for the day. Usually, I don’t have the right outfit during rainy season. When it rains very hard, I usually have a few jackets to use for the whole season. Usually, during this season you can’t stand wearing sleeveless outfit and T-shirt. So how can we prepare for this season?
Wearing trendy jackets can help.

We should wear jacket according to your style. Yeah we can. Though rainy season requires us to wear jacket all the time, but we can wear it the way we love it. Before, I don’t really like to wear jacket when I go to school, but then when I learned that there are different ways in wearing jackets- in stylish way. When I found different kind of fabulous jacket in the net, I learned to love rainy season.
Be stylish and look good in every season.
Keep going everyone. Have a beautiful rainy season. God bless.

A Purse for my Touch-up

It’s my first day of school, am I ready?
Well, let’s talk about my daily use stuff.
First, prepare for school notebook, pen and etc. Second, write your daily schedule. Third, prepare your outfit for the day- your clothes to be exact. Then, arrange your school bag. It’s much better to have your own purse inside your bag. This will be used for your touch-ups (make up, hair spray, make-up, lip balm and cell phone). If ever you have one make it the stylish way. Go for a pink one purse to make it more trendy and stylish. There are many colors, style and shape to choose from.
I do really love this stylish purse from the net. It’s not only limited for daily use, but I can foresee myself using this stuff on my JS prom. Yeah, I’m senior student this coming year. So I’m looking forward for our JS prom. Yeah, I love to have it as one of my stuff. It will really match-up in every outfit I wear.
Always remember, whatever events in your life, always make good of everything. We cannot deny that girls really love to bring out the best of them especially in a special moment of there life.
Keep going everyone.

Wearing your Own Style

Hello friends it’s back to school time. Well, I’m just so excited because next week will start our formal class. Well, I have to prepare for next week school day. What will be my preparation? It’s good to know that we should always make good about ourselves. We should look good especially in the first day of class, because first impression really matters.
Consider three ways to wear in your first day of school.

First, always wear your good outfit and look good all the time. Maybe a beautiful handbag will help. I found some new stylish handbag from the net. Wearing stylish hand bag can bring out the creative side of you. Second, always wear your neat uniform. Cleanliness and proper hygiene is also important. And lastly, always wear a friendly smile. It’s very important to wear it all the time to gain new friends and get along with your old friends.
Well, I just wish that my first day of school will be great. It is much better if I could have the chance to buy my ever-wished handbag. I do rally like fashionable handbag. I know you too. There are different styles of handbag you can find in the net.
Just keep going everyone.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Online Games Available

Can you still remember the last time when you played the online games? Maybe you’ll say that it’s an hour ago.LOL. Mostly young people today are prone to computer games. But honestly, when you’ll ask me when was the last time I played computer games was a few years ago. Yeah never played computer games. Before mom forbid us to play. Now, that we are fully grown up, we can always play whenever I want as long us we know our limitations- maily time limits.
So, after we went to church we stayed at home and celebrated my younger sister’s birthday. We buy some foods to eat and then bond with each other. Usually me and my sister’s bond together when we play the same game- playing what ever we want. For today’s fun we played different kinds of online games. We enjoyed the site that programs different miniclip games. In that time we played Super Mario. Yes, I usually played that game since I was young- until now I always love playing that game. We also played tower defence. A new game for me yet I still enjoyed playing. I just thank God for every blessings and happy moments.
Keep going.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Fresh From Camp

Our Church's

Captured Memries can Speak. Enjoy being a youth and most of all enjoy in serving our Lord.
God bless.

Lose My Soul

“I don’t want to gain the whole world and lose my soul…” it is a very inspirational thought for me. I find this thought from the lyrics of the song entitled “Lose my Soul”. Many people today longed for the riches and self-satisfaction in the world and trade there soul.

It's so sad because many youth today are lost in all the riches and the earthly doings. It is the sad thing to know that the youth are involved in alcohol and drug addiction. In the society that we were living, drug addiction and alcoholism is considered as a trend of every youth or any individual. It’s a sad thing to know that there are lives that have been ruined by this addiction. But through all this, there can always be a help for them. There is still hope to those who believe. And there are still freedoms to those who are captives of the enemy. Let’s stretch out our helping hand. Don’t ever lose someone you loved because of ignoring what hey are doing. God had chosen us to be the light of the world and share the goodness of God.

Specifically, drug addiction is the common and the worst thing that a man can do. It will loosen your mind, emotion and most especially you will loose your soul. God gave us the wisdom to know what is wrong or right. If you know all this things, and you still have unsaved loved ones, then you still have the chance to rescue them. Addiction treatment can be a help. Don’t lose hope to them. There are a lot of drug addiction treatment center that is much helpful to an individual. They will make you feel counseled and let you heal your addiction. It is always open for everyone who wants to be healed from addiction. Drug addiction is a sin, but through drug rehab center and God’s help, you can be victorious and win against addiction.

God bless.

Friday, June 05, 2009

A Girl Who Wishes to have a Birthday Party

This is my younger sister Malot. This cute little girl will turn 10 this coming Sunday (June 7) and she wishes to have a birthday party for her. Everyday, she keeps on reminding me about her birthday. But I'm sad because I'm not really sure if I could give her a party.

I just finished my enrollment and my tuition fee is very expensive. We run out of budget this month. Mom told me that she will not have a party this year, but in my heart I wish to grant my little sister’s wish. Surely, she will really cry if she'll know this. I know that birthdays are very important for a child like her. It means a lot to them. It gives them joy every time they think of it.

I know that God will provide. In any ways, He can always work for it. As her big sister, I always longed to make my sister happy in celebrating her birthday. I always want to celebrate and remember that day because in that day, God had given us a little angel.
I just pray that God will grant my little sister’s wish.
God bless everyone.

Acquiring Microsoft IT Training

Do you want to have a good and satisfying job in the future? Well then, show all your knowledge and your qualifying skills. In everything you do, whether it is an easy or complicated job, just give all your best and determination in working in it. I know, for sure, all of us longed to be self-fulfilled in our jobs.
I’ll be a teacher someday but I also longed to know and study the world of IT. My cousin is an IT student and I love to know about that course. At this point in time, I’ve started learning about it. I do really want to develop my IT skills. I know that I can achieve that dream. We must know how to obtain our desired job role through microsoft it training. Microsoft IT training can help you in some ways. This training can bear out your knowledge and skills that match your current and desired job role in IT and the future skills you want to inhabit. They also provide you a wide access on the unique job or life-long career path in IT.

In life, we have to know and feel the needs of society. In achieving a great job or having a self-fulfilled career path, one must know that showing your unique skills is one of the simple one but yet, it is one of the best asset you may have right now.
Keep going.


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