Friday, May 22, 2009

What about DVLA number plates?

Hello everyone. Well, this is my last day of my OJT (on job training) so I was happy at the same time I was sad about it. I’m happy because I can now rest and relax for the whole week. But I feel sad because I’ve been enjoying and loving my work- especially working with my boss.
Well, I want to work with them everyday. Before I leave, I wish that I could spend time with them in an outing- maybe out of town trip. But I can’t tell whether this will happen. First, we need to save some money to make these things possible- travel expenses for sure. Before, I wish to have my own car and travel wherever I want to go.

I just learned from sir Clowe (one of teacher’s faculty) you’ll also need to spend time and penny for your driver’s license and having your personalized number plates. Some car owners encountered this kind of problems and delays that’s why you’ll need to know all this stuffs. If you encountered problems like this, then northumbria numbers can assist and help you in availing your private plate numbers or your DVLA number plates- a registered  number plates.
Well, I think this is good news for those who have new car and to those who wish to have one.
Keep going. Keep on wishing. Have a happy weekend.

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Anonymous said...

How would you conduct a reverse license plate number research? I have to know whether there is any type of way you can enter in a license plate number on the internet and see the contact of that guy if it is associated to or perhaps the address of that person. Can someone assist me? It is an The state of illinois plate with S by the end of it. Please email me whether you can investigate or post if you know easy methods to do a absolutely free one. Thanks so much.


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