Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Better House for a Better Home

Hello everyone. We went to church today, together with my sister, and we celebrated mother’s day. Though my mom didn’t come with us but we still find ways to give her thanks this Mother’s day. We bought 3 roses for her. We bond together at our living room. My Auntie Cita gave us video clips of my sister’s graduation. We were laughing and enjoying the movie-pictures. I was so glad to spend time with my mom.

Anyway, based upon the video clips which was taken at our house, I was surprised on how our house looks like. It’s somewhat a mess. The floorings, walls, ceilings and rooms are not yet finish and furnished. It really needs remodeling and improvement. Chicago Remodeling also influences my desire to remodel our house. It pursues my desire to make a good improvement at our house. They really give high quality customer service and consistent excellent quality of work. To complete a project, well this site is surely a good one for you and for us who needs house-improvement. The quality of workmanship is somewhat very important for me.

Well I hope this year we could start remodeling our house. We have to feel comfortable and relaxing in our home. God bless.
Spend some time to bond with your family this Mother’s day. Have a home sweet home.
Keep going.

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