Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'll be on a Camp

Tomorrow will be our Summer Youth Camp  and I was so excited about it. Well then, I just hope that it will be fine. I’m looking forward to grow as a Christian. I hope this camp seems to be a memorable one. I’ll be out for 4 days…  but just keep in touch with my blog always.
Keep going God bless.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

What about Debt Consolidation?

Do you have a phobia on debts?
Well, lately my friend called me out because she wants to borrow from me. Next week will be our enrollment time so we have to find some money for our tuition fee and all other additional expenses. Maybe, I hope that I can help her. I just wish that I still have money in my account.
At first she hesitates to ask me because she don't want to have debts to others. She’s the type of girl who wants to independent. That’s why I’m the one who offers my help before she asked me. I know her attitude and she is really afraid to have debts.
In order to avoid this fears and phobias, why not try to examine all your debts and try debt elimination tips. In this sense, you’ll learn about debt consolidation and debt elimination. Debt consolidation can help you take your entire monthly bill and the will let you pay it into one convenient payment. You can also avail low interest rate of your debts. I think this is the best opportunity to get rid of your debts and make a good start.
Keep going everyone. Always believe that there is always an answer to every praen and every problem, there is always a solution.
God bless.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Philippine F4- Remake, Casting, Opinions

Hello friends.
Well, I was excited for the new remake of Hanyori Dango, Meteor Garden and etc. This time, as rumors declared it, there will be a Filipino F4. Philippines will come up into it's newest F4 group. After China, which is currently filming it, Philippines will be the next on the spot.

I just loved it. Well, don't judge the remake. Let's make a good try. It's time to have a young F4. Philippines should come up with the new young and charm actors- since F4 supposed to be a teenage boys.LOL. Right.

There's no official announcement about the cast. So while waiting, I just want to do the casting. I hope you'll agree with me.LOL.


Robi Domingo- Mei Zuo Ling; Sam Concepcion-Hua Ze Lei; Enchong Dee- Dao Ming Si; AJ Perez- Xi Men

For San Cai...
Maja Salvador ...

Sarah Geronemo...

I'm looking forward to make this dream cast... dream show... come TRUE.

Keep Going.

What about DVLA number plates?

Hello everyone. Well, this is my last day of my OJT (on job training) so I was happy at the same time I was sad about it. I’m happy because I can now rest and relax for the whole week. But I feel sad because I’ve been enjoying and loving my work- especially working with my boss.
Well, I want to work with them everyday. Before I leave, I wish that I could spend time with them in an outing- maybe out of town trip. But I can’t tell whether this will happen. First, we need to save some money to make these things possible- travel expenses for sure. Before, I wish to have my own car and travel wherever I want to go.

I just learned from sir Clowe (one of teacher’s faculty) you’ll also need to spend time and penny for your driver’s license and having your personalized number plates. Some car owners encountered this kind of problems and delays that’s why you’ll need to know all this stuffs. If you encountered problems like this, then northumbria numbers can assist and help you in availing your private plate numbers or your DVLA number plates- a registered  number plates.
Well, I think this is good news for those who have new car and to those who wish to have one.
Keep going. Keep on wishing. Have a happy weekend.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

House Hunt?

Well, I had a cough and cold today. So I just rest the whole afternoon.
But I just feel uncomfortable lately because mom was busy the whole week so she doesn’t have time to clean the house.
I want to do something interesting. So, I got up from bed and open my computer- I’d love browsing the net and update my blog- wishing to find a good house where I dreamed to stay at this moment. And if ever I could have one (a house) then it must be an advise from a high quality service Austin Realtors. Well, I just learned lately that they provide high quality work and advices in choosing the best home or any property that you wanted.
I hope this will be an informative post to those who wishes for a dream house.
Just keep going everyone.
Have a good and relaxing day ahead.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Where is "Boys Over Flower"?

I just watched the whole primetime bida shows of ABS-CBN but I was just confused about the schedule today- May 15, 2009. Supposedly Boys over Flower will start at 10:30 PM but it’s already 11 in the evening and the said show is not yet airing. I don’t know what happen… I think they have made some changes in the schedule today but supposedly the swapping of schedule will be done this coming 18th of May. Well, I’m not mad about it, but they should inform us (viewers)… because we were expecting every show they’ve air.

Though, the re-scheduling of shows is somewhat a treasure hunt for us but I love ABS-CBN shows so I’ll keep on hunting all these favorite shows.
Keep going. Enjoy.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gigger Boys on the SpotLight

I just watched the pilot episode of Boys Town. This time, Gigger Boys is on the spot- and they've just proved there talent in acting. Usually I’ve seen them more on dancing, so it’s quite interesting to see them in acting pace (together) and I’m looking forward for it.
I just love to see them, more and more, on TV.
Your Song presents…
 on Sunday after ASAP’09.LOL. 
Please Watch. See yah.
Seeing my favorites Enchong Dee, Sam Concepcion, Robi Domingo is really fascinating. How about you?

Giggers Boy in the next level and I’m looking forward for the newest boy band in the Philippines and I’m expecting it from you Gigger Boys. LOL.
Keep going.

Bechay and Me

Oh… LOL. Just a silly thing we did a month ago. After those nerve-racking exams we just roam around the city.
This summer I just miss my best bud Beth, she don’t even text me all this days. I don’t know what happen to my friend Betchay. I just wish we could spend some time together (like this) this summer.
Keep going.

Gain Your Youthful Feelings

Hello everyone. Again, I woke up early to work as an office assistant. I’m having my OJT right now so I always worked with my boss’s. But it’s okay because I’m blessed because I worked with my friendly and outgoing supervisors. We had a great lunch today. Ma’am Josie cooked for us. We talked and laughed in the kitchen because ma’am do really loved my beautiful skin.LOL. Ma’am Josie is now 64 years old and she’s worrying with her old aging. If she can afford, I just browse from the net about dermal fillers and juvederm- helps smoothen the lines and wrinkles. I hope she’s not afraid on injections because there is some dermal filler training that shows how to inject radiesse. See some youthful skin in you. Yeah I never interested with this stuffs before, until ma’am Josie shared her old-aged-feeling.

Here's some of the photo and video I've got from the site.

Dermal Fillers Video

Dermal Filler Injections   |   Dermal Fillers

Keep going and have a great day. God bless.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Mama

This precious post belongs to my beloved Mama Kiks. I just want to say… happy mother's day mama. You're one-in-a-million. I'm glad because she's my Mom. No words ca ever expresses how much I Love my Mama.
I hope this simple post will show...
God bless.

A Better House for a Better Home

Hello everyone. We went to church today, together with my sister, and we celebrated mother’s day. Though my mom didn’t come with us but we still find ways to give her thanks this Mother’s day. We bought 3 roses for her. We bond together at our living room. My Auntie Cita gave us video clips of my sister’s graduation. We were laughing and enjoying the movie-pictures. I was so glad to spend time with my mom.

Anyway, based upon the video clips which was taken at our house, I was surprised on how our house looks like. It’s somewhat a mess. The floorings, walls, ceilings and rooms are not yet finish and furnished. It really needs remodeling and improvement. Chicago Remodeling also influences my desire to remodel our house. It pursues my desire to make a good improvement at our house. They really give high quality customer service and consistent excellent quality of work. To complete a project, well this site is surely a good one for you and for us who needs house-improvement. The quality of workmanship is somewhat very important for me.

Well I hope this year we could start remodeling our house. We have to feel comfortable and relaxing in our home. God bless.
Spend some time to bond with your family this Mother’s day. Have a home sweet home.
Keep going.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Movie for your FAITH

Hello friend, I just watched anew movie today. Yes, I really loved it. it is a Christian movie that simply builds up your inner faith to God. Please be blessed by this post. The movie is entitled, “Facing the Giants”. I hope you could watch it.
Just see the trailer and keep booming let your faith grows. God bless.


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