Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yes, But oh No

Hello friends… I’m glad because I have I already got my monthly income. Yes, I’m planning a treat for my family. But oh no, I was worried for my dad. He got a letter from SSS (Social Security System) and there are overdue notices about his loan in the said company. He loan from SSS a few years ago- I think that was on the year 2006- and now is the payment time.
I was planning to give some parts of my income. But there are a lot of expenses to be paid. So I have to search for another source or any solutions to ease our burden. I’m glad that I found some resolutions. It’s good to have debt reduction solutions. By the help of credit score 101 help services surely there are solutions for your heavy burden on your debts. The opportunities are very much helpful. They also offer medical bill consolidation for those who cannot afford to pay the total hospital bills.

I just want to thank God for everything. Though we have financial crisis right now but he never stops providing us with our needs. Though, I can’t buy this month the things that I wasn’t but still I’m happy because I’ve help my families needs.
God Bless.

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