Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Summer Ball

We can consider basketball as a summer game. Every summer many people were very excited to play these ball games. Though I’m not a basketball addict- maybe because it is usually for men- but it seems that basketball became the “hit fever” in my summer break. Yes, I’m currently enjoying watching Asian movie-series entitled “Hot Shot” that is mainly a basketball, romantic, drama and comedy hit in Asia… featuring one of the most in demand artists in our generation. I hope that you would be able to watch it.

Hot Shot Fever

Feel the heat of summer with this happy “Basketball League” in our "barangay"participated by our neighbors who wish- in any age- to stay fit and enjoy the summer bliss. Oh, I just finished watching two games and absolutely I’ve enjoyed watching it.
Oh, I’m just glad that basketball exists because it saves my lonely summer.
Keep going.

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hot shot said...

hello my name is eli nur imaniyati,i am in Indonesia hot shot is the best


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