Friday, April 24, 2009

Safety First

In this point in time, we need to be aware and be acquainted with the things that involve our health, and wealth. I know for sure that all of us here are very much aware of there health, that’s why they tend to acquire health plans and health insurance. But are you aware in protecting our wealth? How about protecting our reputation and identity against deceivers and theft?
Lately, I’ve read about identity theft and fraudster. Probably, it’s a terrible threaten to our identity. People used our identity to steal and destroy our life. How?
It is a way of accessing any credential account in order to steal money or any properties using other person’s identity. And one of its targets is your credit card. Just like giving precautions, health medications and health supplement, we need to do some free credit report. In this way you will be able to know any transactions and it can also help you stop and catch any identity thief. 
Credit report is essential when you have funds and accounts in any credit cards.
Always secure our wealth as well as our health. God wants us to secure and make use of the things wisely. Be alert and always watch out for the enemies who are trying to steal something from us.

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