Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Her Journey

Well tomorrow will be a busy day for my sister Marinel. We all know that she is a fresh graduate in college-as a BS Mathematics graduate. For her it is a big quest for her. It is where her journey started. The life of a fully grown citizen with a great responsibility is one of the difficult things to handle. You don’t know what awaits in you tomorrow. I know that she was quite confused and busy doing some Job Search. This time it will be her choice in which way to go and where the road will lead her… it's up to her.
I just wish her luck. I know that she can make it. Because I believed that she’s an intelligent person. We will always support her on the way. I just hope that my suggested site where she can search for the new job for today’s demand of society.
Wherever she goes, I’ll always support her as long as she’s happy and successful with it. God bless.

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