Thursday, April 09, 2009

Happy Hour

Hello friends. Well how is your day? Oh, me… it’s so funny. Here’s what I got from web surfing…

I got these photos from my classmate's Friendster account and I can’t imagine how funny I was in that photo. It was taken at the Gaisano Mall Iligan.
I was shocked I never thought I can pose in this funny pose. Oh, it’s foolishness from me. But I have fun looking at that photo. Actually it’s an ordinary thing for you, but for me it’s something you can laugh about. It’s not how I look like in that photos but it’s somewhat I’ve realize the word “mingling” every time I look at it. I’m glad because I start to open up my shell. There’s happiness in me when I’m with friends. Before, I used to stay at our house for the whole day- and that’s fine for me. I don’t really feel like going outside and mingle with friends. It’s just me... which I call it as a “loner” creature.
So have fun. Keep going. And always wear a smile to gain more friends.
Have a happy holy week.
God bless.

1 comment:

Free_Angie said...

Cute! Asa ka dre? Hehehe.. ^_^
Nice kay naga mingle ka na... ^_^
I csn relate coz I'm a loner too...^_^
Congrats sa atuang duha...^_^
Keep it up...^_^


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