Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Girl I used to be... "Myself"

I wish that I could find some time to do it again. Lately I feel like… there’s something missing in my life. Before, I used to draw, paint and express anything that comes up in my mind. It’s just something in me that is looking for the missing link.
Can you please give me some chance? Just a single moment… I want to give myself a space… to do the things I love, to do the things who completes me and shows the real me.
I’ll do it as soon as possible. Yes I can…

But then, I woke up. I realized I have to start my day… my so-called “busy-day”. 
How I wish I could have the chance to abide by this sign… :( 
But then, I think it's too hard for me to do it now.

Now I miss the girl I used to called... "Myself".

Keep going.

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