Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Genuine Love

All the kings and queens I’ve know in history sent their people out to die for them.
I only know one King who decided to die for His people…


The Holy Cross

Remember God’s goodness all the time. This holy week, let’s enjoy and be thankful for God’s gift… whish is eternal LIFE.
That’s the purpose of the cross. May we always claim this gift and live with it for the rest of our lives.
God’s love is the reason for the cross. Let’s not live knowing that the cross is where Jesus died. But instead… it’s a victory over the enemy. The cross symbolizes LOVE from God. It’s a free gift that all of us should claim.
Because of Christ death on the cross, we have a new life… Our sins were cleansed by His blood.
Let’s celebrate the good news. Jesus is no longer dead but He is alive and Christ lives in us.
Have a happy holy week. Please spread the good news.
God bless.
Keep going.


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