Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Drunk Driving?

I was so worried yesterday when my cousin told my uncle to barrow his car for a special trip. For me there’s nothing wrong for that, but drunk driver is not okay for me. Yes, I never get wrong… they always that they want to drive to Cagayan de Oro City- it’s a quite far from our city.

My cousin Shella lived in Cagayan and she was here for a short vacation break and to attend my sister’s graduation, before they decided to go home, they just have drink some beer before my cousin leave. I know that they were drunk. We all know that reckless driving is prone to accident that’s why it is strictly prohibited- especially at night.
We can’t stop them to go. I just wish that there will be a car hire here in our place. that's why it's good to hear about car hire Orlando.
I’m just so concern about that thing. As long us you they all have their safety.

I just thank God for giving them a safety travel. God bless.

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