Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dental Matters

I knew she’ll crave for more. I’m talking to my sister Marilou. She really cried a while ago because she wants to eat some chocolate cookies. Yeah, I intentionally bought those cookies just to make fun on her. Actually she’s suffering some tooth ache so my mom forbids her to eat sweets and chocolate snacks. But meanwhile, I was also guilty in doing it to her. I felt sorry because as a nine-year old- girl she suffered tooth ache. I hope that I could ease the pain he felt every night- because she really can’t sleep.
I just wish that I could bring her to the dentist. As her sister, I wish I could bring her to the good and trusted dentist. I got a lot of info in different dental websites. 

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Have an ache- free day to you.
Keep going.

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