Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Computer Care

Yes, problems regarding with our computer is still unresolve. Until now, I can’t find solutions to this irritable and low access computer problem. It makes our computer shabby. Every time I’ll open a new site or website, it is too slow. I think this kind of problem causes some waste of my time. While processing it, it takes you a few minutes to load a particular site or account. 

Oh, how I wish for our computer's recovery.
I think I need to have a Computer Help. We’ll, I have to find the best and trusted site that offers technical services- provided with a skilled technicians that will surely guarantee your convenience and deal with complex problems and trouble shootings. 

Next time, I'll be more careful and aware about the proper handling of our computer. Keep in mind computers do really need some extra care.
God bless.


Grampy said...

Good Morning
Computer problems sure are frustrating. Here are a few things that I always forget to do:
Defrag Harddrive
Clear Internet Cache
I use windows washer to delete anything that is not needed.
I have also found Firefox browser to work a lot better.
You probably have tried all that and so I am sorry I couldn't help.

Anonymous said...



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