Friday, March 13, 2009

She Finally Have It

This is Nikka and her...

Though I was so busy at school but I’m glad that I can still find time to help Nikka in publishing her new blog. I admit that I cannot supervise her this time because of my busy schedule but I'm trying my best to come up for a new blog. I know that it these will be a good start for her. Yes it’s done and it's not yet updated and we have lot are of things to be done, but for now we're glad to have it and we are looking forward for improvement. Maybe we can call it “one-step-at a time”… slowly but surely… I just hope that you can also help her. It’s a great pleasure for us if you'll grant our request. Please keep in touch with my posts. Please keep updated on my blog and don’t forget to visit Nikka’s site. Thanks.

1 comment:

picas.line said... was difficult to teach another person blogging in place of mine. But It works for you,, great!!


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