Monday, March 23, 2009

I’m Glad to be on the List

Yes, I was so happy seeing my name in our school-website. My name was on honor's list... wow… I always thank God for that blessing. For me, it’s an honor to see my name on the list. It’s some kind of an unusual experience. From all the hard work and sacrifices, with God’s help, it is all worthy. I keep on believing that I can- definitely… I can.

Why I achieve all these? I’m not the one who is good, but it is God who’s been good to me. It’s not about the knowledge but the wisdom He entrusted to me that matters. It’s not the faith you have in yourself but the faith you entrust to God. It’s not about the hard work but the work of God that is moving in your life. And it is not by accident or fate, but it is God’s will.

I thank God for everything he has done to me. Keep going… and believe that God can move and do something special in your life. God bless.


Clarissa said...

Congratulations!!!You deserve it!!^_^

Shimumsy said...

congratulations for a job well done. keep it up. good luck and take care.

out of the blue

sweet_shelo said...

Wow congratulations sis for the honors. The Lord is truly good all the time. He is the reality of the wisdom we have..


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