Thursday, March 26, 2009

A "couch potato's" favorite Site

This summer, I can’t Promise not to be a “couch potato”. It simply means… to be a “movie addict”.
When I was young I used to watch TV all the time. I keep on telling myself… “Watching TV or movies is my Life.” I’ve been addicted to it for so long. I can’t spend my day without watching my favorite movie and any TV programs. It’s just that, I’m making it as a habit. I do all the house chores and wash all the dishes so that my mom could let me watch TV. That was so difficult for me to let go and not to watch TV during the day. I cannot afford to skip any single episode and scenes in a specific movie. How did I overcome it? I think I haven’t overcome it yet. Well, it sounds terrible but it’s true.
This habit can never be changed. And people like rely more on free online movies- especially now that I had a lot of projects at school and requirements to be submitted to my school. So, how can I manage my time watching movie since I’ve been addicted to it for how many years? I can always find an answer to that. Since we had a computer at home, I usually watch movies inline to my free schedule. I can always find different movies where it can satisfy my needs. Moviesplanet just offer the right services for me. It can give you chance to watch movie online, take back of the past episode of your favorite TV programs that you have missed. This is a social networking site which gives me the best movie I’ve miss to watch or longed to watch. Since it is an online social network community, it allows you to know the best and most recently watched movie for the said date.
Being a “TV addict or a certified “a couch potato”, can have as one of my visited sites in the net. I will always seek free movies  for me. And that’s how online services give me the advantage to watch. Technology, now a day, can give something in which I can benefit with. Precisely, it’s a sine- being frustrated on something and hobby. That’s the reason why I keep myself busy for some other hobby and business- studying, blogging, drawing and etc. See that’s how hard to give up on it.
I think I have to minimize it; truly can give just right what I need. Keep going.

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