Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Teacher and a Blogger

My cousin Yang and her new Blog

I can’t wait to introduce to you my cousin ate Mayang or just call her yang. She just started blogging last Thursday and I’m so happy for her. She’s a primary teacher here in our place and I know she can be a good blogger. I think blogging will be the chance for her to share the life of a teacher and the everyday experience that a teacher can have.
Her site:
…experience is my teacher...

Blogging is a simple way for self-expression. Life is like a book and when you start blogging, it means you’re opening your personal book to teach others. It’s like knowing my life by just reading blog.

For sure, she can be a good blogger. I just wish her the best and success in her site. Let’s support the new born blogger and an experienced teacher. Keep going and keep moving. Always remember… blog from the heart.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Hour

Support earth hour- time out from blogging. It’s earth hour. Let’s save the earth. We are the shepherd of our mother earth… let’s take good care of what’s given in us.
Tomorrow will be the “Earth hour”. The electricity will be off for one hour this is done for a cause-to save our earth. Truly this is a worthy action that a man can do. So let’s participate. Prepare and support.
Love the earth as you live in it. Keep going. Support our mother Earth.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A "couch potato's" favorite Site

This summer, I can’t Promise not to be a “couch potato”. It simply means… to be a “movie addict”.
When I was young I used to watch TV all the time. I keep on telling myself… “Watching TV or movies is my Life.” I’ve been addicted to it for so long. I can’t spend my day without watching my favorite movie and any TV programs. It’s just that, I’m making it as a habit. I do all the house chores and wash all the dishes so that my mom could let me watch TV. That was so difficult for me to let go and not to watch TV during the day. I cannot afford to skip any single episode and scenes in a specific movie. How did I overcome it? I think I haven’t overcome it yet. Well, it sounds terrible but it’s true.
This habit can never be changed. And people like rely more on free online movies- especially now that I had a lot of projects at school and requirements to be submitted to my school. So, how can I manage my time watching movie since I’ve been addicted to it for how many years? I can always find an answer to that. Since we had a computer at home, I usually watch movies inline to my free schedule. I can always find different movies where it can satisfy my needs. Moviesplanet just offer the right services for me. It can give you chance to watch movie online, take back of the past episode of your favorite TV programs that you have missed. This is a social networking site which gives me the best movie I’ve miss to watch or longed to watch. Since it is an online social network community, it allows you to know the best and most recently watched movie for the said date.
Being a “TV addict or a certified “a couch potato”, can have as one of my visited sites in the net. I will always seek free movies  for me. And that’s how online services give me the advantage to watch. Technology, now a day, can give something in which I can benefit with. Precisely, it’s a sine- being frustrated on something and hobby. That’s the reason why I keep myself busy for some other hobby and business- studying, blogging, drawing and etc. See that’s how hard to give up on it.
I think I have to minimize it; truly can give just right what I need. Keep going.

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The Plan

Have a happy Thursday to you.
I got new idea for my site and I want to ask your opinion about it. I’ve been thinking for more exciting and more interesting post in my site. I want to launch a new post category where in I can have a so-called “facebook”. People who pass by and inspired my simple life will be captured in my simple diary. With the thoughts on how they affects my life. Because I believed that people just come and go and I want to leave a remarkable post for them. Who knows… your face will be feature in my site. Of course, I’ll ask your permission first.
I hope that it will do well. I know and I’m not sure whether it’s good or bad, so I need your comments and suggestions. I hope that I can hear a constructive-opinion from you. Because all I want, is to come up for a best for my post and for my visitors and regular droppers. I just wish that t make it good.
Keep going everyone.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I’m Glad to be on the List

Yes, I was so happy seeing my name in our school-website. My name was on honor's list... wow… I always thank God for that blessing. For me, it’s an honor to see my name on the list. It’s some kind of an unusual experience. From all the hard work and sacrifices, with God’s help, it is all worthy. I keep on believing that I can- definitely… I can.

Why I achieve all these? I’m not the one who is good, but it is God who’s been good to me. It’s not about the knowledge but the wisdom He entrusted to me that matters. It’s not the faith you have in yourself but the faith you entrust to God. It’s not about the hard work but the work of God that is moving in your life. And it is not by accident or fate, but it is God’s will.

I thank God for everything he has done to me. Keep going… and believe that God can move and do something special in your life. God bless.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

After all Those Stressful Days...

I just got up from bed lately this afternoon. I can’t believe that I can have time for myself now… to rest and relax. I just wish that I could have got off my feet now. My feet are killing me. They say, usually, the pains and sicknesses out after your stressful days. I was thinking about the best thing to do to relax.
If I were given a chance, I would rather want to have a lymphatic massage in order to re-gain my energy. This type of massage will help me release all toxins and pains and other diseases. I also seen the net that hot stone massage DVD are also available in the net. It will help you for cleansing your body from any diseases. It releases negative energy from your body. It sounds good and relaxing. There are also breast massage DVD and foot massage and etc.
Maybe you should have tried it sometimes.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Can do Corel Drawing

Well… here it goes. What can you say? I know that it’s not that pretty good, but I’ve done my best so, I should be proud of it. So here what I've done...
Here is my final output for my project in Corel Drawing T-shirt design and business card. Though it’s not that satisfying, but it’s beautiful for me. I just submitted this project to our teacher. I’m so glad that my class is almost over. I can already smell the fragrance of summer bliss and wind remedy in my balcony… and do all the things I wish to do… drawing, painting, listening to music, baking and everything.

My Corel Drawing

A sample of a T-shirt Design

I just thank God for giving me strength till this time. I’m glad I survived.
Have a happy Thursday to all.

I’m so Sad about What Happen

Lately this afternoon, I was late in going home. I spent most of the time at school for project and complying requirements purposes. I was just worried about my big sister. I noticed her bulging eyes. I think she just cried. I don’t know why she cried but until such time my dad comfort her. I asked her about what happen and my dad told me she won’t be able to graduate this year. I think she got a failing grade for there final exam in one of her subject. Oh, I know she went a lot of trouble just to graduate this year… and she end up 50-50- either she’ll graduate or not.

Though, sometimes we loose our confidence and we might be dismayed by the world, I believe that God had already arranged everything… all we have to d is “trust in His council”.
God bless.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Credit and Debt Consolidation

It’s really hard every time you feel like you want to buy something or pay your debt but you cannot find money for yourself. It feels like you are sick everyday. I’ve been struggling today because I can’t afford to pay my liabilities at school- my balance tuition fee, college fee, projects, seminars, or even recognition fee. I know that God can plan everything but first we should be responsible to do our best to earn money and manage it carefully. I want to give myself a gift, for all those sacrifices and hard- work that I’ve dome for the whole school year, but unfortunately I’m out of budget.
What are the best things to do to have a wise money-management?
Well if you have money, secure for a monthly budget. If you wish to have a loan in a bank, make sure that you have proper knowledge in understanding credit score. Buried with too much depth is a crime and ignorance is not an excuse. Let’s educate ourselves on how to get rid of too much debt. You must be aware about medical debt consolidation and bill consolidation. For sure you can have a worry-free and successful life that you’ve been wishing for.
God bless our decisions we take. Keep going.

She Finally Have It

This is Nikka and her...

Though I was so busy at school but I’m glad that I can still find time to help Nikka in publishing her new blog. I admit that I cannot supervise her this time because of my busy schedule but I'm trying my best to come up for a new blog. I know that it these will be a good start for her. Yes it’s done and it's not yet updated and we have lot are of things to be done, but for now we're glad to have it and we are looking forward for improvement. Maybe we can call it “one-step-at a time”… slowly but surely… I just hope that you can also help her. It’s a great pleasure for us if you'll grant our request. Please keep in touch with my posts. Please keep updated on my blog and don’t forget to visit Nikka’s site. Thanks.

Friday, March 06, 2009

We have the Choice to Choose

I’m waiting for Nikka to come at our house. Nikka is a friend of mine. She lives ten meters away from our house but I was waiting for her today for how many hours because she wants to ask a favor from me. She wants to make a new blog and she’s asking me if I could help her. I definitely say yes. I want to help her because I was also helped before by my cousin Marky so I’m just returning back the favor now.
So, how to make a good start? Well, I have to choose from which it offers the best webhost for her personal blog. I have to make a best choice this time. This will probably be a big help for her. My choice today will be a big success for her. It is really a big help for me this time to choose. I’ll have to choose the best web hosting site for her. I’m just lucky this time because there is a site that provides the best 10 web host that will be our stepping stone to success.
I hope she’ll come.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Quote about Courage

If you are afraid to try… to live… to risk-to testing your endurance... you will never know your limitations. Know your limitations and capability... have courage to cross the line, than staring on it for the rest of your life. You will never know where you can go. Always remember God is there for you. If you can find it hard to do, always remember that God always gives you courage to go forward and try working things out… for good. Always remember, whatever thing you do, it should always glorify God Above all.
If you seek for someone that will help you build up your courage, seek God. Know the people of God. With them you cannot be discourage and you can always be strong… to fight the good fight of FAITH.
God Bless your Sunday. Take care always my friend…
God bless.

A Help for your Term Paper

I was about to sleep today- to have some rest- when my friend texted me just to remind me about our thesis. Well, this is the task that always bothers me every time I think of it everyday. I don’t know how to start it up. But anyway I start gathering some information on how to work things out.
I also experience this when I took up my English 2 here in college. It stressed me out and it always reminds me in my chaotic mood in scanning different books and gathering data. I was glad at that time because that requirement is good for one term only. But now that I’m in third year, we need to a broader topic and information. It is much harder for me this time.
Here’s how it works when you have internet connection in your house, all we have to do is browse a site that provides you with college term paper writing tips. See, that’s much better for us. There are site that will surely provide you with greater information to in making effective term papers. They also provide essays and term paper samples that has been made and edited with professional editors.
Surely, this will give me some opportunity to have got some writing tips and lessen my burdens.
God Bless.

Start a Business without a Risk

Are you afraid to take a risk for your business? Well, you have to worry no more, because al you have to do is trust fully in this trustworthy site that can provide your financial needs in building up a business. Let and provides it for you. It is the well-trusted site that will help you be on the track to have a successful business.

I know how it hurts when you are deceived by those fraud companies because I have a lot of friends who used to take a risk in money loan and credits and end-up deceived. Don’t allow it to happen to you. Seek the right company that can be trusted.

Well, in my side, I do really want to put up my own business. I dreamed to have a small department store. Though, I have money to start, but still I need to have a bigger amount to sustain my business. If you have the perseverance to start a good business, try to apply for a Business Credits online. All you have to do is trust. can provide it for you, with trustworthy experienced workers that will seriously help and guarantee you good services. Don’t be afraid when you want to avail Business Loans. There is nothing wrong to loan for your business-these will surely increase your capital. Or you can also try Personal Loans to as an investment for a business. You can trust in doing so.

Have a Blessed weekend everyone.


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