Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You Changed my Life

I’ve ’been so excited for the upcoming movie sequel of Sarah and John Lloyd’s team up, “You Changed my Life”. I’m very much fanatic of their movie “A Very Special Love” (part 1). Now, the love story of Miggy and Lyda continues.
The movie expresses real emotion and feelings from within. The movie changes the setup of the usual romantic movie in the Philippines. It gives the complete combination of the lead actor and actress, with complete story line. Sarah Geronemo (lead actress) portrays funny and sweet character, while John Loyd (lead actor) portrays the role as a serious yet romantic man. It’s common role yet they bring oat something from it. There is something in them that gives the essence of a perfect chemistry.
It’s something new for Sarah because actually she’s new for an acting role. I love Sarah, she’s a good singer and now she’s trying to play in a movie I admire her more. I was a fan of John Lloyd Cruz since then. I love to see him on TV.
I’m looking forward for their movie sequel. “You Change My Life”, really changed my life.
I just wish that the movie will be a hit again. Good job Sarah and Loydy.


GAGAY said...

waaaaaaaaaah! me too! so so excited with this one! wohooo! *giggles*


Denise said...

same here...i watched their "a very special love". they really click. i like both of them. ;)


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