Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gigger Boys

What about "Gigger Boys"? No doubt that this is the newest popular dance group in the Philippines. Well, I just love the team-up of Sam Concepcion, Robi Dominggo, Enchong Dee, Aj Perez, Chris Gutierrez and Aaron Villaflor. I’m just so happy because ASAP’09 comes up with this cute dance group. With new promising young stars, I think Philippine entertainment will surely give a hit. I’m so excited for their performances and projects. I just wish that this new group- unlike with others- will last long.LOL. I Love it.

If you’ll gonna ask me about my favorites, well… obviously it’s Sam Concepcion with Enchong and Robi.I put them at the top: Sam, Robi and Enchong… I hope the fans of the other members will not be mad at me.

Good Day Everyone.


anarea said...

astig to!!

nikki said...

lets make the gigger boys a ppop boyband!!

we all know they can dance~
(maybe sing~)
so go na!!

Ala'a Emerald said...

I love gigger boys....Mas lalo na si "AJ PEREZ".mwah.. luv u all


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