Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Need a Depression Treatment

It’s already March and the classes are almost over. I don’t know why I’m sad today, maybe because I’m not yet done with all my projects. It keeps on reminding me the toughest schedule I will encounter in this month. February is over but my work and deadlines for our projects are near. It’s been a month had passed but all my projects are not in progress. Sometimes, I cannot deny that I’m always depressed. I usually out in my mind; I cried without any reason, I easily get irritated and the worst I hate to work or continue what I had been started. I just so totally depressed about myself and fact that I can’t do something one at a time. Depression is usually a problem for almost students in college. I just hope that I can overcome it.

Maybe I just need some depression treatment. Maybe it will help me a lot. It’s been an hour now that I started to realize that depression has a lot of way to overcome it. You should have the courage to fight for it.

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