Friday, February 20, 2009

I miss my old Diary

Somewhat, it looks like my old Diary

Before I started blogging, I usually had a diary- my personal diary. It is a book bind special-type of paper and I usually write anything on it. But at this moment, I got so busy on my blog updates so I never had time to write or update my friend… my Diary. Actually, I can consider my site as my online diary so it’s a little bit better because everyone can read and know about me. But honestly, my old diary was my company for how many years before my “Foliage Diary” come into existing. I can probably say, that diary made me who I am today. Maybe, because of what I did- writing and self-expression- I can have a real feelings and passion to express.
I just miss that kind of thing. Maybe, if I have time, I’ll also spend some time to share my experiences to my best friend diary. LOL It’s more advantage to use my book bind diary because I can express some words and emotions using our own dialect-which is Filipino.
God bless everyone. Have a happy Day.


Cacai_Nad said...

This is great Lingz! I can relate with this too for I have my personal diary before I do blogging but not as fancy as yours. Yours is some kind of expensive and very nice one and hard cover, I guess that will be the landing if I have not done this blogging now. Hopefully by the time am not busy, I will do again my personal book diary. Thanks for sharing Lingz! Keep posting!

AC said...

i had a couple of diaries din when i was younger (started writing journals when i was in gradeskul) kaso yung kapatid ko nangingialam. binubuko tuloy crushes ko. hahaha. :D

btw, i may not be able to leave my link since your comments setting is for blogger/google and some sites only, i have my own domain:

thanks for visiting my site a while ago! :)


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