Friday, February 27, 2009

"May Bukas Pa" TV Series

I’m currently dong my movie review here. Actually this is not part of my tough projects. I’m just doing some movie marathon today- since its weekend tomorrow so here I am again… doing my usual habit. Actually, it’s been a long time when I watched TV. Totally I’m a TV-addict but later one, I just used to it- not watching TV for a single day. It sounds great for me- when you’ve overcome something.
So what am I watching right now? Well… I’m watching “May Bukas Pa"(There's Still Hope Tomorrow)–a
Filipino TV series currently airing at ABS-CBN TV station. And I tell you, I cry whenever I watch this movie. The movie is really inspirational and mellow-dramatic but there is emotion and feelings from every word and tears that the actors and actresses portray. I never watched any movie like this that all my tears are over flowing with so much emotion in it. You can feel it from the heart. As a Christian, it will surely enlighten you and gives you an over view of what are life all about- to have Faith and Love. But I don't agree when they try to change the name of "Jesus Christ" into "Bro" (short name for brother).

God Bless. Enjoy the day.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gigger Boys

What about "Gigger Boys"? No doubt that this is the newest popular dance group in the Philippines. Well, I just love the team-up of Sam Concepcion, Robi Dominggo, Enchong Dee, Aj Perez, Chris Gutierrez and Aaron Villaflor. I’m just so happy because ASAP’09 comes up with this cute dance group. With new promising young stars, I think Philippine entertainment will surely give a hit. I’m so excited for their performances and projects. I just wish that this new group- unlike with others- will last long.LOL. I Love it.

If you’ll gonna ask me about my favorites, well… obviously it’s Sam Concepcion with Enchong and Robi.I put them at the top: Sam, Robi and Enchong… I hope the fans of the other members will not be mad at me.

Good Day Everyone.

I Need a Depression Treatment

It’s already March and the classes are almost over. I don’t know why I’m sad today, maybe because I’m not yet done with all my projects. It keeps on reminding me the toughest schedule I will encounter in this month. February is over but my work and deadlines for our projects are near. It’s been a month had passed but all my projects are not in progress. Sometimes, I cannot deny that I’m always depressed. I usually out in my mind; I cried without any reason, I easily get irritated and the worst I hate to work or continue what I had been started. I just so totally depressed about myself and fact that I can’t do something one at a time. Depression is usually a problem for almost students in college. I just hope that I can overcome it.

Maybe I just need some depression treatment. Maybe it will help me a lot. It’s been an hour now that I started to realize that depression has a lot of way to overcome it. You should have the courage to fight for it.

Stretch mark Removal for my Mom

This afternoon I’m planning buy vitamins for my younger sister. I don’t know if my one-thousand pesos money is good for us. But I want to buy it for my sister because she wants to have vitamins. I usually do this for my family. I want to buy something for them if I have money. I am also panning to give my mom a special present for her, I was thinking of the best gift for her. Since, I was planning to go to the nearest pharmacy in our school so I decided to give her a stretch mark removal. Yes, she’s been complaining on her stretch mark especially in her legs and stomach. I can’t afford to see her being so conscious on her stretch marks. You know… stretch marks are really horrible. I want my mom should care about themselves sometimes.LOL.
I want her to feel beautiful and happy in her herself. I wish that she’ll be happy in my little present for her. God Bless everyone.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The best of SAm Concepcion

Promising young artist... Sam Concepcion

...a good guy

...a heartthrob

...a role model

I guess, you can probably say that I’m a big fan of Sam Concepcion. Yes, that’s true and I don’t deny it. I love Sam Concepcion. He is definitely my celebrity crush, plus we have the same birth date- Oct.17.LOL. I love the way he sing and dance plus he’s a born again Christian. I can say the he is perfect celebrity icon… a good boy, talented plus the looks.
He is the rising star… the heartthrob and role model. God bless Sam. I’m looking forward to see you more on TV. I will always be a part of Sam’s journey in showbiz. Do you want more of Sam? Then be part of "Samster" community.LOL. I'm one of those.

The Day I said Goodnight…

Sometimes when I’m so busy working with my school projects, I cannot manage my time well. Actually, I cannot remember the time when I sleep at night… I can’t even remember the day I said “goodnight”- usually my bedtime is usually at dawn. I sleep everyday almost 2 AM in the morning. When I’m dong it everyday, all the muscle pain and acne problems usually find its way. Today I have all those shoulder and back pains, plus the undefeated two pimples on my forehead- usually it comes when I’m stressed and a lack of sleep.

It’s time to fight all this problems. You have to worry no more because acne wash are made to satisfy our needs. We need to find the best and quality proven acne wash that suite for us. Definitely, their suggested products are truly the best. Avoid acne when you are stressed and avoid using soap for acne treatment. You should try to check it out what’s available in the market and let provide it for you.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wowowee without Wellie Revillame

Well, I’m just so happy watching this show. This is the number1 noon time show here in the Philippines. I can’t help but to laugh every time I watch this show. I’m a number one fan in this show. I’m glad because we have no class today so I can watch TV all day.LOL.
Though, the main host of the show- Willie Revillame- is absent in the show today, yet the other host did the job-well done. They handle the show well and for me… two thumbs-up for them. They made the show very lively and enjoyable. No doubt, it’s the number1 because the entire show and the host are all talented. Just keep going. I expected so much from this show. It’s truly a hit.
Enjoy your day. God Bless.

It's just Me and the Empty space

In my life I never got so sad at all. I’m just a so-so person. I’m not too jolly and I’m not too lonely. I think I never experienced a feeling in which I’m in an extent of too much sadness or overwhelming joy… until I reached 18.
Now, I’m 18. What’s the big deal about it? Well, it’s a matter of maturity and awareness about things in life. In this stage of my life, I’ve experienced the real joy that I experienced with God. Unlike before, I'm still an immature Christian, I never get experienced to enter the most holy place- the presence of God. In this stage of life also I experienced about life seeking and compassion, falling in-love (though it’s not that matured love) and life changing experience. I have so much in me that sometimes I never realized that it made me happier.
I can’t spell it out about the feeling of sadness when I reached 18. It’s more painful, complicated and silent. The silence of loneliness… and I cannot express. There is so much pressure in me… doing a thing that you have to- for the sake of doing it for others.
The feelings are there and I can say… I’m a fully grown woman. I can now feel the pain and joy. This is me and this is the simple way of self-expression of my happiness, sorrow… and everything. Whenever it rains in my heart, I just look up and say...
“This is what makes me real. To be hurt and fight back to my so-called life”. I just thank God because for rescuing me in this "lonely" space. Actually I’m lonely today. Hope you’ll understand.

A little bit Pressure

Well, I just finished updating my blog, and it’s time for me to do my projects this time. I have to start it now because tomorrow will be the deadline, plus, my sister will use our PC (personal computer) tonight. I have to do it right away.
You might ask what project is that… Well its somewhat involves making a business card in Corel Draw mode. Last time I had a hard time making my projects in CAD and today… it’s a little bit harder this time. I don’t know how to handle it. Maybe, I just need a little bit help form you guys. Maybe you can offer some help.LOL. I just pray to God that I can make it, though, its a little bit pressure in my side. God Bless.

A Heavy Drinker

“…Jesus stood up and proclaimed, ‘If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink’.”
John 7:37

Go loves us so much. Let us all be thirsty to God. And in our hearts, shall flow the rivers of living water.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I miss my old Diary

Somewhat, it looks like my old Diary

Before I started blogging, I usually had a diary- my personal diary. It is a book bind special-type of paper and I usually write anything on it. But at this moment, I got so busy on my blog updates so I never had time to write or update my friend… my Diary. Actually, I can consider my site as my online diary so it’s a little bit better because everyone can read and know about me. But honestly, my old diary was my company for how many years before my “Foliage Diary” come into existing. I can probably say, that diary made me who I am today. Maybe, because of what I did- writing and self-expression- I can have a real feelings and passion to express.
I just miss that kind of thing. Maybe, if I have time, I’ll also spend some time to share my experiences to my best friend diary. LOL It’s more advantage to use my book bind diary because I can express some words and emotions using our own dialect-which is Filipino.
God bless everyone. Have a happy Day.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Farewell SuperManuel

Manuel Chua of "Pinoy Fear Factor"

I always watch “Pinoy Pinoy Fear Factor” (Philippine Fear Factor) every night because of Manuel Chua, but lately, he was eliminated. He did all the stunts incredibly and he did a lots of world record. But that is life. It’s just a game, but for me he is the best.
I was so sad, because of all the participants, he’s the only one who amazed me in every stunt they did in Fear Factor. He’s my ultimate… my all time favorite “participante”.
I just hope to see him more in TV… as super hero. LOL

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day gift Ideas

Today is a very special day. Well, today is Valentine’s Day. I know most us are looking forward for this day to come.
So do you have any idea what to give to your love ones? Well, if you have not decided, why not try to make it and be creative. There are a lot of possible things you can make for them. Prepare a heart-shape egg- and prepare it for breakfast, or you can try make some cookies, pillows, or a banner, body painting, heart-shape marsh mallows, flowers etc. You may do so. It’s about love then let’s show some love.
Always remember that Valentines Day just about gift giving, but it’s about love sharing- it’s how you shoe love and respect to other people.
Have a Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

Loose 1 pound a day

When you are about to leave the house, we do usually look at the mirror and turn around, comb, put some face powder, then turn around again and then leave. Usually we do that when we are totally conscious about the way we look and how we present ourselves to other people. That’s why we don’t wonder why do people are trying some different ways just to look good and feel good. Commonly used products are those diet pills. There are a lot of people are trying to use it today. Many people say this are the most effective way to loss weight. Of course if we are not that overweight we can gain more confidence to face the world. Speaking of weight losing, we should be aware of the best, effective and yet safe to use diet pills to assure and be safe. Now when you are trying to look for the best diet pills why not try lipofuze. I’ve heard about it and they say you will loose 1 pound per day. Wow, I don’t think that’s possible. But it’s already proven and tested.
How about you, have you tested your diet pills?
Take good care of your health always.

Body and Health Concious

This morning, I woke up early to do my daily exercise. I’ve been doing this to maintain a balance and healthy diet. Though, I can say that I’m totally slim but I think I’s not healthiest all.
There are some others who are not that slime-like me- who wishes to loss weight, well it’s about time to be conscious about the diet pills you are taking.
If you want to have safer and yet effective diet pills try clinicallix, it will suggest some of the best diet pills in the market today. It gives you the best and high quality diet pills and surely you will have better results- my friend have been using this a year already and it really works.
We all have to take good care of our body and don’t forget to consider your health always. Let’s get fit and be healthy this Valentine’s Day. Get fit and be beautiful- inside and out to do this, always take the right diet pills that suits for you.
God Bless.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Reality of your Dream

When I was about to leave the house I just suddenly remember that I forgot to bring my umbrella. When ever I forget my umbrella, I usually don’t mind if I don’ bring it, but this time, I think that I should have bring it because it really rains so hard today.
Well, I just wish t have a service-car so that I can have a better and convenient way in going to school or in traveling. We cannot deny the fact that we love to have a car of our own. It brings you anywhere you want to go. If I’ll be given a chance to have my own car I would probably choose a simple family car so that I bring with me my family. I do really want to travel, but since I don’t have enough money, it never hinders me from traveling.
If you cannot afford to have a car, then you may try to car rentals. If you really need the safe trip, or travel in different places you may do so. It’s easy to arrange all this stuff. It is all available online. If you’re from Europe, then there is the best offer for you… it’s “eco car hire”, where you can rent a car online.
If you wish to travel with you’re car and yet you’re still saving for you’re brand new car, why not try to have car rental.
See, no matter what, just pursue what you want to do. Wither it’s raining or not, you have your own car or rental… just keep on doing and believing and doing the right thing. Just believe in the reality of your dreams.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You Changed my Life

I’ve ’been so excited for the upcoming movie sequel of Sarah and John Lloyd’s team up, “You Changed my Life”. I’m very much fanatic of their movie “A Very Special Love” (part 1). Now, the love story of Miggy and Lyda continues.
The movie expresses real emotion and feelings from within. The movie changes the setup of the usual romantic movie in the Philippines. It gives the complete combination of the lead actor and actress, with complete story line. Sarah Geronemo (lead actress) portrays funny and sweet character, while John Loyd (lead actor) portrays the role as a serious yet romantic man. It’s common role yet they bring oat something from it. There is something in them that gives the essence of a perfect chemistry.
It’s something new for Sarah because actually she’s new for an acting role. I love Sarah, she’s a good singer and now she’s trying to play in a movie I admire her more. I was a fan of John Lloyd Cruz since then. I love to see him on TV.
I’m looking forward for their movie sequel. “You Change My Life”, really changed my life.
I just wish that the movie will be a hit again. Good job Sarah and Loydy.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Smooth and Fresh

Well, no doubt for me, surely I have a black eye bags and acne. Why, well so far I can’t find time to take good care of my face. With all those dark spots on my face- I can’t help but to worry. I just wait some time to finish this entire task then I will have special treatment from all those black eye bag, acne and black heads.
For better results and for a better look this Valentine’s day, why not try some effective beauty products that is available in the market? Today, there are acne care treatments that will surely give you better results. For a fresh and smooth skin, we don’t have to spend so much money – it’s so affordable. It is accessible through online purchasing. Available acne treatment is always at hand. It will be available online.
There’s nothing wrong in renewing ourselves. Just make sure you get the right product just right for you. Always remember, consider your health safety before taking or using any products.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Bring out the New You

Feel young and beautiful this Valentine’s day.
My grandmother is very happy with her new hair color. I’m so amaze on how she keeps herself beautiful. It’s good to feels young at heart.
Are you tired of too much wrinkles, stretch marks, black heads and white hair? Well it makes me remind on how the time had passed. Have you ever heard about face Botox? Many celebrities today are trying to try it to renew them and bring out the younger look.
Today, there are more are more botox training course available at the internet. I’ve been so curious on how they d it, through their how to injest botox video, I’ve learned about botox injection technique. Truly technology is helping people in renewing and bringing out the best look that they want.
Sometimes people think that they don’t have to makeover when their old but everything is possible. Don’t allow your old-age hinder you to be young again.
Botox Injection Video

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

I need Help...

Can you please help me finish this one?

Well trying to find some spare time to finish my Auto CAD work. Thank God that it is almost done. Well, do you know how make AutoCAD drawings? Can you please somebody can help me out in making this plan. I have to finish these and submit it on Monday so I’ll be having a hard time in making it more beautiful. Actually it is not yet done. So maybe if you can suggest some sort of drawing for furniture and just buzz me if you will offer some help- before it’s too late. LOL hope somebody will help me.
God Bless.

Friday, February 06, 2009

A perfect gift for Dad

It looks perfect for dad

This Valentine’s Day I was planning to give my dad a Valentine’s gift. But I was confused about the best gift that suits for dad. Then I remember about her eyeglasses problem. It was broken when my younger sister accidentally broke it. It’s really brittle so I have to find some replacement.
Though, this time I need I glasses too but I will buy first for dad. I was planning to buy from online. These quality eyeglasses featured as Zenni Optical in the New York Times?! See you can assure that it is in good quality. The Prescription eyeglasses for only $8! It’s a perfect gift for dad this Valentine’s day. Seeing Straight Without Breaking Bank is perfect for a gift these Valentine's Day.

What about Webhosting?

What about web-hosting? From the time I came from school, I was so desperate about my project. I wasn’t able to pass it today. So, I just find some ways to relief all my sadness and worries.
I keep on surfing the net and finding the new things and best sites in the net. Fortunately I found many interesting sites in the net. It keeps me motivated and eagerness to make my site more interesting and accessible to the web. I still have a lot of questions about the site’s improvement. I don’t know how it works in making your site more popular and higher traffic.
What can I do to improve my site? The answer to that question is very simple. Try webhosting. I just recently learned about these sites benefits when you try webhosting. When submitting your site, you will be more active when it comes to search engines and web surfing.
Before, I keep on asking about the best way to improve my site, now I will try webhosting. I twill benefits you ands your site. It will help your site available to the net. Make your site more popular and you get rid of low traffic. There are more sites that give you the top site that offers high quality webhosting. It features top 10 webhosting sites of 2008.

Try to do it today. Why not?
Go Bless everyone. Have a happy day.

Raining and Brown out Here

I just woke from my long hours of sleep. I just keep on working for my projects till this time. But after I had some rest the current is still out and it’s raining so hard hear. The coldness of the afternoon and the brown out makes me sick during the day. I was absent in my class today and I slept the whole day- maybe because I was tired from last night’s working on my projects.
I hope I can still make it to manage my time, though there are some hindrances and doing so. Maybe why the current are still out and the rain pours so hard because God wants me to rest for a while and fin peace in His love. Yes, He really knows that I was really tired. He understands me more. So I just thanked Him for the brown-out and the rain.

Monday, February 02, 2009

My Blog’s Traffic

More traffic? That’s what I’m trying to do on my blog. I can’t help but lately my blog site decreases its traffic so I have to find some alternative way to do it. This time, it’s so difficult for me to update my blog because I have a lot of projects to work out.
Luckily, I found this site that offers free web directories list to update my blog. These will definitely help me out especially today that my schedules are all hectic.
It’s simple and easy to submit your blog to all the directories. You just need to submit your blog for free. Through this, it will build up you blog web link. If there is more links in your site, there are more visitors that will visit in your site. See? It’s easy and accessible.
Worry no more about your site’s traffic. Earn more traffic for free. Try it. There is no harm in trying.


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