Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What makes me enjoy the Rainy Season?

From this moment, I never seen Mr. Sun shines again. You know what I mean… It’s still raining so hard outside. I always feel so cold that I always sleep all day. You know, when the weather is so cold I usually sleep for a rest. The rain keeps on falling in the rooftop and I can hear the loud noise of thunder. But I don’t care as long as I’m at home. So, what I mean to say is that it’s good to stay at home specially this rainy season. Here are my top five (5) things I love to do at home during rainy days:
1. it’s perfect time to watch movie or TVs, plus, eating some snacks like hot cake, biscuits and coffee. Friends, I want to recommend this latest LCD TV and digital TV to you… try to check it; surely you will enjoy this it because it’s truly cheaper and affordable so you can save your money. I’m so interested to try this new TV especially because it has amazing picture quality. Staying at home and watching your favorite movies in your new TV would be the perfect recreational activity during rainy day.
2. Blogging and do some online games.
3. Sleep. It’s good to sleep when it’s raining outside. The weather is so cold and trying to relax in your room. Wearing all those outfits like pajama, socks, sweater etc.
4. Draw. My usual hobby, since I was young is to draw, is drawing. And for me, during rainy-day at my room, is the perfect place and time to do drawing.
Usually I draw cartoon characters on TV and from online games characters, nature. I also try to do the abstract.
5. A perfect timing to have a pillow-fight with my younger sister at my room.LOL

God Bless Everyone. Have a Blessed day to you.

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Sanepo said...

nice to meet you, can I to be your friend?i link you now,please link me too, thank so much :)


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