Monday, January 19, 2009

Traveling Tips

Have you gone traveling in different places around the world? Well, if you haven’t, then, I advised you to plan your travel destination. Prepare your passbook and do your hotel reservations. It is the most easiest and practical way in traveling without hassle.
I’ve done traveling here in the Philippines for a vacation and we had problem in terms of ship- ticket. The problem is, we haven’t done any ticket reservations and there are no other tickets available. So our travel (with my family) was ruined because of that unplanned trip.
If you plan to go abroad or go for a trip, just take this simple advice of mine and be happy in your trip. Speaking of “traveling abroad”, one of the best place I wish to travel is in Rome, Italy, Paris, Europe and many more. I love to travel. I think everyone loves to travel. But before you have you step in the place you wish to go to, make sure you have planned everything. Like for instance, if you wish to travel to Rome try the Rome apartment reservation. I’ll guarantee you that it’s free. When you wish to travel to Paris, try to have relaxation and reservation in Hotel Paris for more convenient stay. And make sure that you have a safe trip, and assure that you have visited this site mutuelle- a travel health insurance in Europe.
Have a safe and happy trip everyone.


Tey said...

I wonder when can I visit this place. One of my wildest dream..
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Tina said...

I also advise getting very familiar with the countries you'll be visiting, along with their airports. I usually bring up a map/birds eye view of the airport so I feel better about navigating throught it.

Also, there is a new Peterman's Eye Travel site where you can join a community of travelers. Thought I'd share...


lunaticg said...

Thanks for the travelling tips my friend. I also like to travel to europe.
See you around.

eva said...

thanks for the visit. that is nice picture.

Krishna said...

Hi, I love your open-minded approach to each topic and especially the way you see things in the proper perspective.
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