Thursday, January 08, 2009

The thing I Wish to Have

Sometimes, we seek for things that will give us satisfaction and self-fulfillment. Many people are trying to find there selves in the things they love to have or to do most. They do interesting hobbies, sports or having collections or buying stuffs or anything that makes them happy. What ever you want, what ever it is, be firm and choose the things that will give you a self-fulfilled life.
Try to figure out about the things you love to do or to have? Me? We have one family car and that’s it, I just wish to have those Land Rover cars. But I don't have enough income this time and that’s it. But it never hinders me to do the things I love. I’ve searched about different cars. I bought some magazines search the net just to have info about it. Why am I telling this? I’ve seen on TV about the best cars today. Have you heard about Land Rover car? I’m a fanatic of Land Rover. What about it? Well it really gives me the perfect feature of a dream car. I’ve seen it many times on TV and those are really good quality cars. How about you? Are you a Land Rover lover?

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Boysie Gonzaga said...

Hi! This is my first time to visit your blog and I find your writings candid and down-to-earth. You are a natural! Keep it up.
I am a car lover too and wishing one day I could own one for myself.

Hope we could link our blogs together and share our dreams! All the best!


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