Thursday, January 22, 2009

Take the Lead

"Sometimes, we have to standout from the crowd and take the lead... even if it caused you some struggles."

Actually I’m complaining this kind of situation every time we have group activity or projects at school. Yes, I admit sometimes I’m too lazy- every time I’m doing things that I don’t like to do- but in school I’m always be the leader. I’m not telling this to impress you about my school activeness. But I’m telling this because being a leader  or to stand out at crowd is so difficult. Your group mates rely on you always. You’re afraid that you may fail… you’re afraid to decide. I can’t handle these things out.

I think somebody would lead- and that’s what I’m doing- but when it comes in shouldering all the work, maybe that’s another Idea I don’t like. But it’s happening to me right now. I hope I can still make it- with God’s help- everything will be okay. I just do my part and just want to do better at school… just all I want.

God Bless.

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