Saturday, January 17, 2009

SUPER MANuel VS. Scorpion King

Manuel VS Jommy

I watch Pinoy Fear Factor everyday (Philippine Fear Factor) so I’m always updated about every stunt that they will perform. This coming Monday, I’m so excited to watch the episode because it’s the one-on-one fight between SUPER Manuel (king of stunts) and Scorpion King “Jommy” (scorpion eater) LOL. This will be a good fight, cause of there rivalry. Though it’s not an elimination round but I wish them the best. I’m looking forward to watch good total courageous performance from them.

Who’s my bet? Well, I’ll go for Manuel Chua (Super M) because he’s his so good in every stunts yet so humble plus his cuteness. Then he also bits three world records of the Fear Factor record holder.

To all “participantes”, Good Luck!

God Bless everyone.

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