Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Poor little Thing

Hi. this is really a great day for all of us. Here take a look at this...
My friend Beth

Pictorials during our IED 100 class

I don't know what happened at that time but we had really a great time with my friend Beth in playing this stuff. This was taken during our afternoon class. Mr. Lee (our teacher) was teaching while both of us, Beth and I are playing. LOL sounds like we enjoy doing foolishness. We took pictures, tickle, play etc. We did no good with at this time.

Actually this is my sister's toy. It is made -up of plastic balloon and a flour inside it. It has also a smile-design, so cute. Beth really loves to play it. For the whole period she squeeze and reshape it until such time it burst out. We just all laugh and took pictures to that helpless-little thing.

Actually, when my younger sister saw this photos she remembered about that toy-she just forgot where he puts it. LOL Actually I just sneak it out from her and only to find out it was already destroyed.

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