Saturday, January 31, 2009

Paintballing… Want 2 try?

From the time we- me and my friend Beth- started to love adventure, we always find different ways and different enjoyable activities to join. Last year she invited me to join Rover’s Scout activity camping but unfortunately, I failed to attend. To be an “outgoing” is what I’ve learned from her. Last time we also tried rappelling. And I had a goodtime.
This time, when I heard about paintballing, we were both interested to try that sport. When we had our ROTC we learned about shooting. Bu this time we want some extraordinary gadgets this time. So if you want to try paintballing, check out these new gadgets: Tippmann gun, Tippmann x7 - truly perfect stuff for paintball-sport lover.
We both love adventure and I think it’s good to try it. Just enjoy everything about the things you love. God Bless.

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