Friday, January 23, 2009

Just for Free

Have a happy Saturday to everyone. Take care always. Today is weekend, unlike before weekend days is one of my favorite day but now it’s going to be crucial yet tiring weekend. I have you star all my projects because summer-end of the class is fast approaching. Actually I’ve getting some sort of problems financially- for my projects. Though we work as a group but we need to spend some a higher amount of money for our projects. I have to work three projects for this week- a scrap book, CAD drawings, flyers (Comp Sci) project, reports, etc.
Speaking of financial crisis… I call my auntie in the phone to borrow some money for that matter. Then she called me back and inform me that she don’t have any money this time. She has a small business so her business is not financially stable this time. So she told me that she will fix her credit card so maybe I shall wait this time. I don’t know how it works… so still waiting here. Maybe she can use the online inquiry for credit cards and take note its “free”. You can access to the net your totally free credit report so faster and time saver. It’s fast so I won’t wait that long. She showed me how it works and you can also have free credit score and access your running credit score. Feel like it’s going to be okay.
Thanks to my auntie, but above all I should rely more on our God… who can supply our needs… God Bless.


Tey said...

I guess everybody can feel the pressure of this global crisis. I hope this will be over soon
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Apry said...

thanks for share musics, i like that


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